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  1. I havent been over here in so long and look we have someone else who has joined us, sorry to be inhospitable, we like company glad to se eyou joined us
  2. Good morning too, of course tomorrow will be even a better morning because Ill be headed off for my cruise!!!!
  3. Morning bunti, I couldnt get in yesterday and I see I missed adam. I was up on my way to my dads when he started posting. Come back again adam.
  4. Oh adam, we are constantly talking you would find us, but I emailed you the link anyway.
  5. Oh my gosh adam, we have all been asking about you over and over, come by our enchantment thread, we are kind of all excited about leaving next week so we forget about over here, Im so sorry I missed you, I know everyone would love to talk to you again!
  6. I see this is where the jackal is! Hi everyone
  7. It's just with AOL for some reason, I know barb was having some similar problems. It's ok, two more weeks until my cruise, then we will start focusing on this one again!!!
  8. Hey everyone, I know we have been focusing on our upcoming enchantment cruise but once thats over.....freedom here we come!
  9. Hi cheryl, i've had trouble getting in lately, plus im getting ready for my upcoming cruise. Has anyone heard from adam lately?
  10. Yeah I talked to him this morning too, I missed his phone call last night, promised him I would keep the phone close tonight
  11. Walmart, oh my favorite store....cant help but spend money there. So term is on his way to arizona...hope he has a safe trip..it will be lonely around here without him for sure
  12. Happy birthday, all ready for your trip to Arizona!!
  13. Someone gave me a good idea once that I have been doing ever since. You know how on the last day of the cruise you can go down and get extra envelopes, well I go down and grab another set for my next cruise, then when before I leave I put all the appropriate tips in them, but I dont seal them in case I l really liked the job someone did and want to give them extra. This way my tips are all set before I leave and I dont have to worry about getting change at the end of the cruise.
  14. Selena, its up again, I havent been here in a while, I forgot, its the old age thing. I cooked all day today, and cleaned some, it snowed all day long, yuck!!!
  15. Hey guys I was able to get on today, Bev, went shopping with kim yesterday at macys, had a very good time!!!
  16. Our filenes store is closing too, Kim and I are going to take a look and see what they have tomorrow, hope we find something good too!!
  17. I couldnt get on for a few days thru aol, I can thru IE but for some reason it wont let me in thru AOL, I know barb had the same problem. If any of you have chris email address in your list, please take it out. She is starting a new job and that will no longer be her email address and she doesnt want anyone to email her there. We will let you know when she gets a new one.
  18. I wish I could join you. boy that cruise sounds like lots of fun, and the size of the balcony....wow....I am about to have my first suite on the enchantment, I might get spoiled, lol, I know once I had the balcony it was impossible to go to an inside again!
  19. Hey, look whose awake, hows all the snow down there?
  20. Oh, you guys are really making me want the european cruise now!! Morning everyone. Karen, Ill buy you a drink!!
  21. Thank goodness, a new page, thought it would never happen.
  22. Boy tom and bon bon go on vacation and everyone leaves me.
  23. I feel like this is the jolly green giants thread, everything is so big now when you go to post, lol
  24. I can never seem to catch you lately, looks like youve left already.
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