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  1. WOW! It's been so long since I've been here I forgot how to post!! Hello from sunny (and too much work) Florida! Nana...did Janet already leave for her cruise? What ship are they on? I know she told me a while go but I have a hard enough time remembering what I had for breakfast these days! Ladies...if I don't catch up with you have a great trip! Bon Voyage!!
  2. She was my choice as well. The patience of a saint that woman has! She deserves every second of that cruise a year for life! BRAVO!
  3. eagle_forest...I so feel your pain! I can remember living in Massachusetts and sliding sideways down hills (where I grew up, Fitchburg, is the second hilliest city in the country to San Francisco - thank God Daddy was head mechanic for the city and I could call him and they'd send a plow and sander to my street - my neighbors loved me!). That's why I moved to Florida!! Please be careful all you in the snow. We want you healthy for your next cruise!!
  4. wildcats7....welcome to the family! Of all the cruise boards this is my favorite. The people here are definately the most friendly. We sailed the Valor last September. You will love her!! She's a beautiful ship. Plus, the bedding is some of the most comfortable I've ever had on a cruise. Anyway, last year was the first time we sailed in September. We encountered a little rain - nothing major that ruined the trip. There was a hurricane just a little before the sailing and we were wondering if we would be affected (we live in Florida so we have other issues to contend with other than just flying in) but everything went like clock work in the end. We usually cruise the Caribbean every November but we sail the 1st week. You're less likely to run into hurricanes at this time of year since it's the end of the hurricane season. Weather is usually beautiful and heading south at that time should still be comfortably warm without being overbearing. Although I don't dive, the water in Grand Caymen is absolutely beautiful. Since you love sea life, I'll recommend Stingray City. It is amazing, although my husband had the guide run a stingray up my back and send me into a panic attack....but you obviously would have that problem! If you have any other questions about the Valor feel free to ask, and again, welcome to CruiseCrazies!!
  5. hmmmmmm....I hadn't heard that part yet Joey.
  6. Too funny! I wish I could come up with something as creative!
  7. Hey, where's Tommy and Beth? Want to see how their cruise was.
  8. Don't be afraid to check Ebay too. You'd be surprised what people sell!
  9. We also put down the deposit and then make final payment the week it's due. We booked our Brilliance cruise onboard the Legend and final payment is due this week. At least it will be paid off before we get the bar bill for 13 nights!!
  10. Hi Kids! We also just changed our cabin. Moved to a Superior Balcony. Decided for the few dollars more to have an additional 25 sq ft for 13 nights it would be worth it. Plus, the cabin we booked (9654) looked to have a larger balcony. Joe talked to someone on one of the boards and they said it was almost double the size and has a table 2 chairs and a lounge chair. Hope it's true! Nana...thanks for the info. We're not in port very long on most days so we thought booking through the ship was the best way to go. That way they're responsible for getting us back in time. Karen...congrats on the promotion!! I'm sure you've more than earned it! Come cruise with us Janet!! There's plenty of room left on our cruise! Selena...it's cold enough here. Going down to 30 tonight. BURRRRRRRRRR... Termmie...always a pleasure to talk with you! Give your beautiful wife a kiss for me. Tell her there's a beach calling our name! Talk to you all later...
  11. Just heard this on the news. Here's the link to more information: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11157659/
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