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  1. Hi Sha how are ya girl?? keep forgetting about this board, I had to look up my password to get on here wow that room of yours sounds so good, you now have room for Termmie and me!!! wish we could come but I know we can't, only if we or you win the lottery lol heard the weather was cold down by you, you are not used to it so it must really feel cold to you soon termmie will be in AZ, it is 80 there right now, I will be stuck home with the dog and the builder but my turn will come in April when I go for a week all by myself!!!
  2. Sorry Selena but I was thinking the same thing cause I remembered what happened last night lol
  3. Not only do I like it, I almost ordered it! I cant believe you picked the same shirt, lol I like that shirt alot its so cute
  4. no that was 6 points that I had lol wow another point but shit these things add up before you know it right Janet!! went on Verizon, for Kim's cell phone it would be over 150.00 to get him one if I get it now, under my number it would be a lot cheaper, maybe I will get myself a new phone and give him mine but the only thing is that everyone knows his number or is used to it, maybe one of kelly's friends that just got a new one can give us thier old like she said for now
  5. LOL that good Janet I had a english muffin, 1 egg and 1 egg white and 1 piece of taylor ham, just didn't know what I wanted so that was quick and a few wise pot chips couldn't resist cause I know what I had was only 5 points and I had 13 points left
  6. am going to look into Verizon and see how much it will cost for a new phone for Kim BRB
  7. no I am here was checking my email and getting my tape to watch, I record Young and Restless everyday, am so tired but I know I will fall asleep as soon as I hit the couch
  8. Adam gald to see you are back and everything is ok Sorry to hear about your stepmom, its never easy when a loved one dies, you are in our thoughts and prayers Sha no shopping!! wow that must be so hard, I am trying not to shop right Term, it just seems like bills just keep coming and coming and not enough to pay except of course the cruises!!!
  9. Hi everyone what a dreary day, pretty much rainy all day but got a lot done staying in all day sorting out papers and putting stuff away, finally took my one tree out of my bay window
  10. Hello everyone CF is very slow on one thread but not the other?? now I can't get back in so where is everyone??
  11. Bonnie & Richard From Tammy/Kim the one up on top is from Kim this one of course the glitter one is from Tammy lol
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