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  1. Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2006 brings you all health, wealth, happiness & many good cruises : )
  2. Yes we live in South Ft Myers near Sanibel Island : )
  3. Hi Selena. Hops has really good burgers, too. Different than the *normal*... When I worked at Best Buy we would go after work and they gave us a special price..2.00! for a burger and beer was 1.00/draft. Their home-brewed red ale is great. imho Too bad we don't drink beer anymore since starting SBD 1 1/2 years ago : (
  4. Hi Karen.. I'm sitting and watching tv and enjoying few minutes with coffee, too....but Thom just informed me it was almost time to get this show on the road. Today is his only day off....so out we go for breakfast and to check out furniture and more kitchen *stuff*.... lots to do. Cabinets are beginning to be made this week. *After the first of the year* is almost here! YIKES!!!!!
  5. Good Morning : ) Hi Karen. We have Hops here in Ft Myers. It is a fun place to go. Glad you had a good time : )
  6. Hello everyone... looks like I am the only one in chat. Sorry I missed you before. Had a phone call and got side-tracked.
  7. YIKES..grab a mop! Flood control is enabled on this board! Please wait 30 seconds before posting!!! What is that? tinypic...good idea! I need to learn lots about posting!
  8. nice! I look forward to seeing them all : ) Are you linking them from the sites where you find them?
  9. Talk too much? say it ain't so lol! This is just a happy friendly group : )
  10. tehe looks like my interior room is way down with the crew .... i am still at 0 posts! i will never make it upstairs on this ship
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