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  1. :grin: Here's some pictures! http://community.webshots.com/user/TXAGGIE10 It was so much fun! Had a blast! I'll post a review in the coming days....Still feel like I have my sea legs...
  2. Congrats on the SDM!!! I'm a SDM TODAY too!!! These next 9 days will probably be the slowest in history.... But it'll be worth it! Hope you enjoy your cruise!!! :grin:
  3. Congrats to you too! Thanks everybody! :grin:
  4. I got my Docs yesterday! I can't wait now....Sailing Sept 17th on the Conquest. :grin:
  5. Thanks everybody!!! We booked this cruise last December. Seemed like forever ago. This last 90+ days are gonna fly by...Hopefully! Thanks again!!! :grin:
  6. 99 Days....!!!!! :grin:
  7. Hey Tut, I know RC's Rhapsody of the Seas goes there (Ocho Rios) on a 7 day cruise out of Galveston. The other ports are Grand Cayman & Cozumel.
  8. Sorry for the confusion.... Yeah, I was just trying to see if there was anyway to book a cruise w/o the double occupancy. I will also check on the single passenger services that put someone else in the room. Thanks for the input! :smiley:
  9. Is there any cheap ways to book a cruise solo? I'm thinking about booking an early cruise before the Conquest in Sept. Any info will be helpful! Thanks! Drew
  10. It is a HUGE list!!! There are about 5-10 that I know I will use. I especially like: 30) You can order anything on the dining room menus thru room service. & 272) When the line at the pool bar is long, and you are thirsty, stroll over to the rail, stare off to the horizon and exclaim "look....whales!" :grin:
  11. Hope it's not a repost http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepx5q3/index.html
  12. Thanks! How crowded was the island with 6 ships in port? We will have 6 ships as well.
  13. I'm trying to settle in on some shore excursions in Cayman. I know for sure the Stingray City tour. I was also wondering, how easy or difficult is it to drive in Cayman? The island isn't big, and I'd like to go at my own pace and see what I want to see. Thanks!
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