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  2. Click here to view the cruise review
  3. For those interested, I just posted a brief review of the Valor, if anyone has any questions I will do my best to help you, thanks Marcia
  4. Thanks so much, my suitcase is closed for departure tomorrow. Marcia :kiss:
  5. Can anyone tell me if you need water shoes to do the stingray city excursion? Just wondered if you can go barefoot or if shoes are needed. I am trying to pack as little as possible, I have flip flops etc.but no water shoes thanks Marcia
  6. myval48


    Has anyone heard that travel irons are not allowed? I have taken one before and no one said anything, they don't check your bags for this do they? Someone suggested taking Downy wrinkle release spray instead. Thanks Marcia
  7. We are staying here precruise, any one stayed here? I am somewhat apprehensive from some mixed reviews but at this point everything is booked. There is a huge boat show that weekend. We just wanted to experience South Beach briefly before our cruise. Thanks Marcia
  8. Does anyone know what goodies are in a basket that is in each cabin on Carnival? I am trying to downsize my load! Thanks Marcia
  9. "Steeler Prayer" Our Father Who is Art, in Pittsburgh Super Bowl XL be thy game. Here the AFC Champs come, another ring for the thumb; On earth, as it is on Ford Field. Give us a game free from injury, and forgive us for our penalties; as we forgive those who cheer for the NFC. Lead us not into defeat, but deliver us into the Hall of Fame. For Detroit is the kingdom, the power and glory of the Bus. Now and forevermore. Amen Let's pray they win!!
  10. Fosters is a resort, they have accomodations for daily use and the staff has been very accomodating. Happy Cruising, what other excursions do you have planned? In Belize we are doing the baboon sanctuary, I wanted to see the country and how the natives live. Thanks Marcia
  11. Jeff, We are going to Grand Cayman, not St Thomas but I have been to St Johns twice via the Red Hook ferry and totally agree with you. Thanks Marcia
  12. I actually booked a ship based excursion in Grand Cayman and Belize intentionally to make sure we get a first in line tender. It will be fun seeing all the other ships. Thanks Marcia
  13. Just out of curiosity, I did a poll of the ships that will be in the same ports we are going to be at. All was one or 2 and in the case of Roatan, no other ships but the big one, Grand Cayman, yikes!!!!! 8 other ships tendering in one day, sounds a bit overwhelming. Has anyone else experienced this kind of rush on one island? This will be our 4th cruise and we have never seen that many in one port at a time. Those poor stingrays! Thanks Marcia :shocked:
  14. A big thanks for all the warm fuzzies you all have given me upon joining cruise crazies. We are on Carnival Valor, leaving Feb. 19. I have planned the renewal myself but have been in communication with a lady from Fosters to arrange a rental of a papala and she is going to have a local pick palm fronds and flowers for us. It will be a short, simple and sexy ceremony! Just the 2 of us. White sand, and blue water is the backdrop. I will let you all know about Roatan when we get back Thanks again Marcia :cheesy:
  15. :cool: Thanks for the welcome notes, I am excited to be a part of this forum, unfortunately I got tired of the slowness on x so it is great to have faster response time, now we need to get more involved, Thanks again, Count down is on for us , 18 days till we sail on the Valor.
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