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  1. I don't believe he was awarded the lower amount. It said it was reduced to only the accommodations. It looked like they were trying to get the entire bill back. They paid for the the lower priced cabin. Which they would have been moved to because of the noise. But once upgraded they felt they should not have to be downgraded. If you move back to your original level how are you downgraded? I side with the line. I was on Oasis of the Seas the 2nd year and my room flooded on the 5th night of the cruise. Our hallway looked like a river. Two Junior Suites on the Hump were destroyed by water. An overhead A/C line ruptured at 3 am. We had just returned from the bar at 230 am when we heard pounding on our door. The neighbors had a waterfall coming out of the ceiling. We barely slept that night. The next day we asked for a room for a few hours to catch some sleep while our room dried. It was the coolant smell plus the high humidity in the Bahamas that kept us from sleeping in our room. The staff was great. The went over and above to help us. We received a $300 OBC on our cruise and a 35% off our next cruise. I was good with that. Wanting the entire amount is insane. And it said it was a week into the cruise that those people moved in. 7 from 11 is 4 days. So maybe 30% discount. But not 100 or 150%
  2. It has been a long time Thanks for the message Jason I will snoop around with my snorkel, mask and flippers Hi everyone Arvids
  3. It feels like its been 10 years since our last cruise. Booked Oasis for Feb 25, 2018 We had originally booked Serenade for January 2016 But for Health issues had to push it to January of 2017 Well January 2017 maybe surgery time for me. As my meniscus blew this year. So really hoping that 2-25-18 will be our time again Hope to meet more great people onboard Anyone else coming to the sun from the snow I am Arvids my wife is Laura
  4. Who remembers Pepe Le Pew?

  5. Anyone other than me myself and I doing this 14 night cruise? If its just the three of us it will be a quiet cruise
  6. Ok why am I up at ? Laying in bed at 430 am and thinking I am wide awake. Well guess its time to start the day. WAKE UP everyone. If I am up so should you be. Getting on the bike shortly for a morning ride

  7. Sardines have more room than i do. And u am at 32,000 ft above sea level

  8. Just saw a goose fly by

  9. 38,000 feet somewhere over ohio i think

  10. If I am not up by 6 am I will have to sit in Coach

  11. Gold or Chrome...Hmmmm .....Got the heat on in the shed...Perfect night for turning

  12. If employees would stop reading the schedule and texting maybe i could get my food quicker


  14. Next tripFlight checkedHotel booked - Hilton Ft Lauderdale Beach ResortCruise booked - linen closet deck negative 1Hotel booked - Sheraton Ft Lauderdale Beach Flights checkedOh shoot gotta go to the tannerWonder if I will fit in the booth?

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