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  1. I am, I am, she says while raising her hand....8 days on the Carnival Breeze to Aruba, Curacao and Grand Turk
  2. That's too funny......I just noticed that my avatar shows me holding a bottle of beer (was holding my friend's beer in the photo)....sorta gives lie to my statement that I don't drink
  3. Just curious if there are 2 parents going with their 2 children and they book a mom and child in one cabin and a dad and child in the other cabin, then just one of the adults would have to pay for the drink package and both could drink. Don't flame me as I don't drink so don't care one way or the other....
  4. 42 cruises and only upgraded once....porthole to a large window. I never get the upsell calls
  5. We were on the Glory and the cruise hosts, Deno & Gina were so friendly and nice....the nicest we've come across!
  6. OK, so I was bored and went online looking at cruises for the upcoming months. The result is that we have 6 more booked between now and May 1st (she says while making an embarrassed face) Sept 11,2012 Carnival Miracle Oct 14, 2012 Carnival Freedom Nov 30, 2012 Carnival Miracle Jan 6, 2013 Norwegian Dawn Mar 3, 2013 Carnival Freedom May 1, 2013 Carnival Splendor
  7. HHHMMM...ok... So because you didnt see this activity, it didnt happen? Do you know what cornhole is? 1-4 players throwing bean bags in to a hole on an inclined piece of board, maybe 20 feet apart? Wind wasnt a factor. Also, i wanted a bucket of ice to put the champagne in. I thought ..again, after too many years in the customer service world, if they didnt have it, maybe they could have gotten it? I mean buckets of beer are very popular on a cruise, right? I mean a bar, in the main lobby of a ship should have everything, right? Why would i order a bucket of ice from room service when i am in the lobby trying to enjoy champagne with my wife? (maybe that's just me) But thanks for the help, i guess.... I've seen the cornhole game in the atrium lobby on every Carnival ship we've taken in the past couple years. As far as the bucket of ice goes, we've ordered it from room service and just have our cabin steward refill that bucket also
  8. I booked probably a dozen cruises thru them. The only problems I kept having was that my OBC was never applied to my account and I'd always have to contact them after the cruise and they'd send me a check....not quite the same thing after the fact
  9. Yes, I saw they still had that on our May cruise on the Pride.
  10. Yes, Carnival's casino division offered us a completely comped suite on an 8 day cruise. It was really nice but I'd never pay extra for one....balcony cabins are great for me.
  11. Thanks all for the nice bon voyage wishes! We've been on the Legend several times and I love the layout of that ship! We're staying 2 nights pre-cruise at the Holiday Inn Express, Rocky Point. We're going with 3 other couples on this cruise....neighbors and 2 couples we met 2 years ago on a cruise and we've made it an annual thing.
  12. It's still down this morning. Doesn't work for me either
  13. I voted Carnival because they have the best military discounts...all the cruise lines should do the same!
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