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  1. I agree with gregswife, cant beat carnival. I havent traveled on any other cruise line and dont care too. For the buck you cant beat carnival. Book a cruise and u will become cruise crazy too. Good luck
  2. Its no big deal really I just thought she was fun and I just wondered if she moved to another ship when the elation left Galveston and dry docked for a while
  3. I was just curious if anyone on here has ever heard of a bar maid named Juliette that worked in the drama bar on the Elation. I was on the ships last cruise out of Galveston and I dont know if she stayed on that ship or moved to another ship. She was sexy and a lot of fun. If anyone knows who I'm talking about let me know her whereabouts. I'm cruising on the Celebration in April 07
  4. Hey my cruise is taking me to Key West. Anyone who has been there give me some tips on what to do and what not to miss.
  5. Hey friends, trying to book a motel/hotel room near the Jacksonville cruise terminal for my April cruise. Also will be flying in to Jax airport so something close to both. Also does anyone know which hotels offer cruise and airport shuttle services.
  6. Lay out by the pool, drink blue margaritas, read and watch people and play the trivia game.
  7. Not real computer literate, still didnt see how to put LSU like u have WVA
  8. Not related to this discussion, but how do I add LSU to my profile so it will appear on the forum
  9. Thanks Joey and David. Ive seen this site before but have never entered a post before. I'm sure I will have lots of questions in the future. What do yall know about Key West. Whats the cant miss places.
  10. Taking my second cruise next April on Carnival's Celebration. OUr first cruise was last April on the Elation. I know the celebration is a lot smaller ship. What can I expect the differences to be. I will say this I loved the Elation and I doubt id ever cruise anything but Carnival.
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