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  1. Hello, So I'm considering doing a South Bound Cruise boarding at Whittier... I guess Anchorage (fly in here) to Whittier is about 65 miles. What do you folks recommend for transportation? I plan to arrive in the afternoon at Anchorage and the Cruise departs at 9pm. I know the train might be a nice trip but don't want to spend the night in Anchorage the day before... I guess a similar question for the Port at Vancouver (docking around 7am) and departing on an afternoon flight (around 2pm)... Transportation/what to do? Thanks for the help!!!
  2. Thanks for the input... Guess expect COLD would be the message here... Keep em coming!!!
  3. Hello, I'm considering taking a N/S Bound Alaska Tour in early September. We have cruised a few times but never to Alaska and never with Princess (have done Royal and Carnival). Can I get some opinions/experiences on weather, what to plan for, and what to do.... Considering the Princess' Diamond Princess, South Bound, on September 5th (7 Nights). What weather should I prepare for in September (or should I consider a different time)? Cabin Type... Is it worth getting an Outside Cabin vs something less expensive such as an Inside Cabin? What activities should I not miss? Bring it on!!!!
  4. Well, that was the tour I was intested in BUT... I sent them an email inquiring if it would fit the Cruise Schedule. No response!! According to RCCL, the arrival time is 9am. The Red Sail Tours meeting time is 8:45am. So with the arrival time, Tendering to shore, and taking a taxi to Safehaven Dock would probably NOT fit the schedule. We have moved on to looking at other things to do... Would have been fun I think but the timing is not good for Cruisers...
  5. Hello, We are looking at some excursions at George Town, Grand Cayman Island and it says to meet at "Safehaven Dock". Can anybody post where this dock is relation to where the Cruise Ship Tenders pull in? Thanks...
  6. THANKS much for the Great Information!!! I actually was able to find the same tour on-line, and I even think it's the same company used by RCCL. Pricing was less as well... Can't wait to go!!!
  7. Hello, We are going on the Freedom of the Seas on August 13th and was trying to sign up for some excursions. To our surprise, many of them seem to already be sold out. My kids wanted to do "Hideaway Beach Boat Adventure" which is 2 person speed boat tour thing... Any experiences with this and is there another way to sign up for this excursion?
  8. Found in the Miami AP website that Taxi to the Port is $24/Flat for up to 5 persons. Seems this would be cheapest method... Can anybody confirm this price?
  9. This for departing Miami... We are considering doing this on our own as RCCL probably charges a premium for their services. I spoke with RCCL, they don't recommend any flight prior to Noon. Anybody know what the cost of a shuttle from MIA to the Port is? Which shuttle company is the best or maybe a taxi is better? I will have 4-5 persons for this ride.
  10. Hello, If I book a 11:45AM Flight out of Miami, Will I make it? I sail on RCCL, Freedom of the Seas on August 13th. Thanks, jlee
  11. Hello, Looking for advice... Flying into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) but cruising out of Miami (RCCL - Freedom of the Seas :grin: )... What's the best way to go to and from FLL to the Cruise Ports at Miami. There will only be ONE of me as I am meeting up with my group on the ship...
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