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  1. Hi all My parents are planning a Bermuda cruise for September and (because I had so much success on this forum) I thought I would ask you all for advice. They would love some names of cruises to Bermuda that you just loved. They are thinking Celebrity but open for suggestions. They are young still (46 and 48) so they need something fun but also some time to unwind. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. When we cruised on the Carnival Destiny, we did not pay the extra money to have a cabin assigned. We just went with whatever we got. This ended up working out well. We paid for an 8A and ended up with a 9A. We were at the back of the boat and our room seemed larger than others. More wide and less long and narrow. We loved it. In fact, we would try to get that room again. Enjoy your cruise.
  3. Just curious if anyone saw this guy on Good Morning America...He supposedly thinks that the alcohol he drank reacted with some medication. I just can't believe that he's being praised as this miracle. He was drunk and he jumped off a cruise ship. Anyone else just find this crazy and plainly stupid...not miraculous in my eyes.
  4. We are looking into another cruise for next year and have thought about staying with Carnival. We were curious if anyone had any suggestions. If you have a cruise that you have been on that you would just love to do again we would love to know. We like adventure and staying busy with snorkeling, boat trips, and parasailing. We do not necessarily need to go somewhere to sight see, especially on a bus trip. What would you suggest?
  5. Ok Ok I think I made more out of it then everyone thought. Your rumors sound better than what we think we saw. Because this was our first cruise we were very surprised to see the "Office of the Medical Examiner" on the port. Then when we saw a gurny (sp?) coming out of the ship with a body on it we were pretty shocked, especially since it was during the time when everyone was lining up for excursions. We also heard that they did call an emergency code at around midnight the night before. We were just curious if anyone heard about the death and what happened. Sorry if this is not as exciting as you had hoped. I can pretend that I saw Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul getting it on in the hot tub if that sounds better.
  6. Just thought I would let you know that my friend and I both had hot stone massages and they cost us $195. But also know that they offer daily specials too. One day we had a scalp massage, hair conditioning treatment, and a facial for $59. Hope this helps. If I find my price list I will post it.
  7. Hi...I just got back from the Carnival Destiny and can tell you that their pools were both small and filled with salt water. Our cruise director, Steve (funny guy by the way and very helpful) told us that they empty and refill the pools often (I think daily) with fresh, salt water. There is definitely not enough space for any toys. Just yourself and splashing around.
  8. Hi All I just got back from and Carnival Destiny and loved it. We had a great time at all the ports. We especially loved meeting all the friendly people. Cruising must make everyone happy. Just curious if anyone heard any gossip about the cruise. We thought we saw something "interesting" but am not sure if we what we saw was really what we saw (hope you got that). I don't want to say too much without sounding inconsiderate to the people involved but am curious what anyone heard about the trip. Anyone...can't wait for my next trip...where should I go next? I better start thinking about that now.
  9. Thank you everyone...We had a fantastic trip. Our first cruise has definitely hooked us and we are ready for another. Each port was exciting with some more than others. We had some eventful days and nights. Curious if anyone has heard any gossip about the trip as to anything that might have happened. Love to hear from others who were on the ship.
  10. Hi All I have 34 days until my cruise and I am finally getting around to booking my excursions but I'd like some advice from some seasoned cruisers. Do you recommend sticking with one excursion per port or do you think it is better to do as much as possible? I feel as though there is so much to see and do that I don't want to miss anything but am concerned about getting back to the boat in time, having enough time, and enjoying everything I do. I am booking all my excursions through Carnival for the ship Destiny. Also any input on excursions would be great. They just changed the itinerary to include St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Antigua. Thanks everyone. Diane
  11. Hi Everyone I have posted in the past about this being my first cruise. My friend and I will be traveling on the Carnival Destiny in February and are looking for some recommendations on excursions. We fly into San Juan the Saturday before we leave on the cruise so we plan on spending Saturday and night exploring PR. Then we go to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados and then Aruba. If you have any suggestions on must see's in those ports, I would love to hear them. We are so excited and need to start booking these excursions ASAP. Thanks again.
  12. Thank you for all the suggestions. It will help in our planning to know how to pack for those evenings. I appreciate all the warm welcome wishes as well. Also, we will be cruising the week of February 18th. We would love to meet anyone else cruising the ship that week as well.
  13. Because this is my first cruise, I still have many questions. My friend and I will be cruising Carnival Destiny in February. I know that there are "dress-up" dinners but am curious how dressy I should be. If you have any suggestions, that would be so helpful. Thanks. :smiley:
  14. I'd be very excited to hear about your trip. My friend and I just booked the Destiny for our February vacation. Have a great time.
  15. Thank you everyone for the great advice. Some answers to some questions. Yes, we would be off the same time as children but not all schools have the same vacation so the number of children on board is not a concern. We figure there will always be some children on board. We have seen the itinerary for the Carnival Destiny and we like what we see. We like the idea of it leaving out of Puerto Rico, even though that means more money for us. We are from Connecticut so we figure we have to fly somewhere to catch a boat, somewhere in Florida. We do not have much time so seeing more of San Juan seems impossible. Some other things we are looking for are a fun night life. Does the Carnival cruise have things to do at night on boat? If so, what are they? This will be the first cruise for both of us and we have no idea what we are getting into. Safety I guess would be another issue. With things that you hear on the news we want to make sure wherever we go we will be safe. Mebert--you mentioned adult areas...what did you mean? As for what kind of vacation we want...we want a little of everything. The ability to have adventure, the excitement of party, and the relaxing of sitting back, soaking in the sun. We not really concerned with size or number of employees, actually we didn't even think about that. Overall, we want to have fun and we think any cruise would do that. Just curious if something or someplace is better than the others.
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