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Status Updates posted by zebra

  1. Always ready to cruise!

  2. This is such a wonderful time of year - yay ... Spring!!

  3. Not loving 6 day work weeks - that should be my last one. Back to 5 day weeks for the rest of the Tax season, thank heavens.

  4. Thank you so much K & R - I really appreciate it!

  5. you guys ALWAYS make my day.... thanks again!

  6. Thanks so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes - I'm having a super day!

  7. Welcome aboard, it's great that you have joined us!

  8. Welcome aboard - come on over to The Daily Dock and chat with us.

  9. Happy Birthday - hope you have a blast!!!!

  10. Jason - please help!!! I wake up in the morning to 40 -50 "you've got a message from CruiseCrazies" - I changed my settings over the weekend, removing ALL email notifications and it hasn't helped a bit. This is awful... what can I do???????

    Still have to log in each and every time I come over here as well.

  11. Deb, go to account settings and uncheck all the boxes then you won't get hassled with all the emails. I have just done that.

  12. Great photo Dottie!!

  13. Welcome fellow Floridian - great to have you onboard!

  14. Welcome, it's great having you onboard!

  15. Welcome - so glad you joined Linda Sue... I see you celebrate your birthday the same day as my hubby.

  16. Welcome, it's great having you onboard!

  17. Welcome Chris, glad to have you onboard!

  18. Welcome Mary, it's great having you onboard!

  19. Welcome - it's great having you onboard!

  20. Welcome doug it's great having you onboard!

  21. Welcome ruth it's great having you onboard!

  22. Welcome Patricia it's great having you onboard!

  23. Welcome to Cruizecrazies!!

  24. Welcome Glen, it's great to see you jumping right in and joining us here....

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