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  1. Hi Everyone I have been off this site for quite awhile but decided to come back and see if I can keep up and catch up w some of the folks I have connected w in the past. A lot of member names sound familiar...that was nice to see. We have cruised mainly w Celebrity and also a few on Royal Caribbean. Our last cruise was on the Allure. Loved the ship. We have cruised the caribean, med, transatalantics and will be cruising to Alaska in june 2013. Looking forward to getting to know everyone. Gail
  2. Hi Guys... I'm still on this ship and am not jumping off any time soon. I'm in for the long haul. So Jackie- you still have a weight loss partner in me. I am a long way from any kind of goal. Lost 1 pound last week. We were away for the weekend and hopefully did not do too much damage with my fried clams fix. We did walk and worked out in the gym when away. Started right back into the exercise and eating plan yesterday. Hopefully I will lose again on sunday. I have my tfingers crossed anyways. falina- good job. Hang out with us- you will get there. The WW girls are always good with recipes- perhaps they can share. Paul and I find that when we menu paln ahead of time- it does help tremendously. We leave on our cruise soon and I am worried about eating too much or eating too much of the wrong things. This is a tranatalantic cruise. There is a group of us on our roll call who have decided to walk on the 6 sea days of the crossing. We are calling ourselves the solstice Seafarer's Strollers. It will be nice to be accountable to others when I am away. I will miss not keeping in contact with this group. I always read even if I do not post. Keep up the good work everyone!!! Gail
  3. Hi Guys.... Yeah the boards are back! Thanks Cheryl for sending me a facebook message to let me know what had happened. Glad Jason was able to get everything back. Congrats to you Jackie!!!!! You hang in there, It is all worth it. 3 pounds is a great number! I weighed in today and am down another 2 pounds! Yipee. i am hoping to lose 1 more pound before next weekend to reach my March goal. We leave on our cruise in 4 weeks. Would love to be down another 5 pounds before we go. I think that is pretty much a stretch but you never know. I will try to pick up the exercise to help me on the goal. I went shopping yesterday because I desparately need new pants. I was so excited when I went into the dressing booth with 2 sizes and i actually was able to wear the smaller of the two sizes. I was estastic. I have not worn that size in a very long time. That cruise dress I wanted to wear- is coming with me. It looks great! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend. Off to do some much needed house cleaning. Gail
  4. Wow...I almost could not find this thread... Had a very busy week last week and an even busier weekend. We had two birthday celebrations. Yikes...pizza,cake, pie and wine. whoops My feet and ankles have been bothering me so my exercise routine was less than normal. I did weigh myself on sunday and still lost but only 1/2 pound. Still it was a loss and I really did not expect much if anything. hopefully this week will be better. Now for a little catch up...Glad you are doing well Falina and back on track with your loss. Deb, 3 lbs is not so bad on a cruise just get right back at it and those extra lbs will gone in no time. Jackie, don't you dare give up!. We are in for the long haul. I, like you, am a long way from reaching any kind of goal weight but we can do this! We are doing this. Cheryl, keep on doing! So close to your goal- how fantastic. Take care everyone.... just knowing you are all here helps so much. thanks. Gail
  5. Jackie congrats on your continued weight loss...this is terrific. keep up the good work and try not to think about plateaus. just keep on eating healthy and it will be a win win no matter what. Cheryl- wow....you are doing fabulous. Time to clear you closet of those larger sizes. Is there a shopping trip in your near future? Keep it up. How exciting to be so close to your goal weight. Falina...good job for getting back on track. It is hard and discouraging at times. But we are all here to support one another and no shame if you fall off the wagon once in awhile. you are with a group who totally understands the ups and downs of this path. Good luck in obtaining your goal of weight loss before leaving for Reno. Got my fingers crossed for you. Debbie- thanks for your works of wisdom and encouragement. They truly are appreciated. Rose...nice to have any support from others and you are doing great- slow and steady... healthy eating is what we are all about. Today is Sunday and I did my weigh in...proud to say I lost another 2 pounds. I am thrilled beyond words. I am hoping for 3 more before the end of the month. Hope it is doable. Small increments. I'd be happy if it was more than that but will be satisfied if I can do that. Have a great Sunday! Thanks again guys for being there! Gail
  6. Hi Guys.... whew- it was a busy weekend and a crazy hectic day today t work. thougth I better check in as it has been af ew days. Congrats to Cheryl and Rose for your weight loss and for exercising. Did I miss anyone who reported in. Falina, how are you doing with your commitment to exercise? Keep it up- it is worth it. Jackie- glad you were feeling better an able to walk on your mini vacation. Oh...and congrats on the loose jeans. isn't that the best. Friday and today, i had several people at work ask me if i was losing weight. good feeling when others start noticing. well, my weigh in is sunday and I am glad to report down another 1 pound. I made my goal for weight loss for February. Next goal is to lose 5 more pounds by end of month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. well , i am beat..time to shower and go relax. keep up the great work everyone. i am so proud of each of us. We are doing it!!!!! yipeeeee! Gail
  7. Hi Everyone! more successes for our little group. Congrats to all of you who have continued to lose weight. And Falina- good job girl getting on to the exercise routine. You can do it...before you know it it will feel like a normal part of your day. Jackie, enjoy your few days away. Hope your back is feeling better so you enjoy whatever it is that you and tony have decided to do. sunday is my weigh in day.... I lost 2 pounds! Yes, I am thrilled!!!!!!! I hope this continues because it sure does motivate me to continue with this life change. Last night we went to a card party with a friends. A real test for me. Alcohol, all kinds of snacks, big lasagna, caesar salad and then bowls of candy on each table during the card playing. Then to finish with desserts. Yikes!!!!!! I choose to drink water, veggies and no dip. I had a half piece of veggie lasagna, small spoon of caesar salad and that was it! Kept filling up with water and a coffee to top it off. I am so proud of myself. I know i could have had wine but I also knew that drinking would make me more likely to eat things I did not want to eat. (well, let me put that in another way...things i should not eat ;->) Have a great sunday and good luck in the week ahead. Having you all here really has made the difference to me. thanks Gail
  8. This may be a late wish for a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY but it is filled with love for you two special people! Hope it was a good one and many,many more to come... {{{{Hugs}}}}} Gail
  9. Cheryl...you are doing fantastic. I am so happy for you and very impressed with your successful consistent weight loss numbers. Keep it up! Went out to dinner with a friend last night and she noticed that I had lost weight. Made me feel good. I was very good- salad, steamed veggies and broiled lemon pepper haddock. I could not help but notice the difference in my meal to hers. Hers just looked so heavy- london broil w mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy etc. Maybe making good choices is getting easier and more natural. Hope everyone is having a good day.....
  10. Good Evening Falina...yep this is your night to get those sneakers on and step up to the treadmill. You can do this and you will be so proud of yourself for doing so. We will be waiting for a report later on.. How is everyone today? I need to go finish my pilates routine because Biggest Loser is on and I have to watch that. Take care... Gail
  11. Good Sunday Morning, guys.... Been busy lately and have not taken the time to post. Trying to catch up. Cheryl- congrats on your weight loss- you are going gangbusters. Keep it up. I know you will. Rose ,congrats on your loss also. Every little bit helps...slow steady progress Falina- next week will be a better week. Don't give up... you have all of us here to support you trying to reach your goal. We will ask you about your exercise routine...it does help to know you have to be accountable to someone other than yourself...at least it helps me. Tues and Thursdays,right? That will be agood start for you. Jackie...wowzer! Good for you. You and Cheryl are the leaders of our group. Great job. I am so sorry that you in so much pain. That alone would probably make me eat- but you have sticked to the program in spite of it- you should be extremely proud of your self. I hope you feel better soon. This has been hanging on for way to long. Deb, glad you checked in. We will all take one step back once in awhile.. let us help inspire you to keep on track. That what we are all here for... Ok my news. I lost 2.5 ponds this week. I was very excited. Maybe all the water helped. You know, i use to be a weigh myself every morning person when I was trying lose weight but I really think the once a week thing has been much more motivating for me. I am glad I made the switch. Last night we split one steak (something we would not have done before- we each would have had a large steak) and I had 2 crab legs. I did not dip in butter but instead used th smart balance spray. Delicious. We also had steamed broccoli and a salad. For desert we made light chocolate mouse ( 40 calaories) and fresh raspberries. Pretty nice Valentine meal. What do I miss the most...PIZZA for sure. Super bowl Sunday we made a whole wheat crust pizza and just topped it with lots of veggies and veggie sausage- it was quite tasty. I do miss cheese. I am trying to stay away from it because I do not always do well with the portion control thing. Not eating ice cream right now but maybe I don't miss it so much because it is winter. I am actually not craving much. I have some SF chocolate once in awhile. One small piece will help with my chocolate cravings. Have a nice rest of your weekend guys. Gail
  12. Jackie Try the crystal light tea w splenda. Comes in the little packets to put in your water bottle. I drink them once in awhile. I think you will like it. g
  13. Hi Guys.... Well, i stepped up my water intake starting this weekend and continued on today. I have been to the bathroom so many times I think my staff thought I was having meetings in the bathroom. Started logging everything again and have stepped up the exercise. I was sitting watching TV last night and thought- I could be on the glider while watching this and then next thing I knew- there I was and did 1 hr- 500 calories. Maybe this exercise thing really is becoming a habit. I appreciate your comments Debbie. I am usually a fast eater but really have done by best to slow it down. There was a show on TV awhile back called I can make you thin. Basically one of the concepts he discussed was the very thing you mentioned. Putting down the fork between and bites and really paying attention to chewing and eating. It does work. Rose- good job for getting back on track! Cheryl, do you weigh in tomorrow? or did you switch your day to Wed? Good luck. I have my fingers crossed for you. Hope everyone else is doing well today. Gail
  14. Good Morning everyone... Weigh in shows a 1 pound weight loss. Wish it was more but it is still a loss. This week I am going to drink more water- did not do very good with that this past week. Also, I am going to religiously track all the calories I am eating and make sure I eat every last point I should eat. We will see if that makes a difference. We had a warm up yesterday and I can actually see the bare ground in spots. It is nice to see...it has been so long since that has happened. Hope you all enjoy your day. do something good for yourselves today.... Gail
  15. Thanks everyone for the support and kinds words you each extended to me the other night. I'm doing better. I had gotten away from my food diary but will start again. I have a guestimate of how many points I am eating but should keep better track. New goal for this week. We switched our weigh ins to Sunday mornings...sooo tomorrow is our day. we'll see. Jackie, you are doing great! Keep on doing girlfriend. Tony must be so proud. We also watch Biggest Loser and they do put up amazing numbers each weak but this is their full time job- exercising 8 hrs a day. So our 1-2 pounds a week is fine. I also have to remind myself of that. I look in the mirror and see my stomach getting firmer and I notice a difference even if the scale does not show that much. Little steps, steady steps towards our goals. My goal right now is to lose the next 6 pounds- hopefully by the end of Feb. I have my fingers crossed. Have a good evening everyone...time to fix dinner. Gail
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