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  1. I voted for the Med/Greek Isles, because this is a trip on my "list" of places to go. And, the Fall is a good time to go. If I do the Caribbean, it is usually in Jan or Feb when it is cold on the East Coast.
  2. Will do. And, hi to Tony. I may be quiet but I know what's going on! Most of my posting relates to cruising/ports.
  3. Hi Diane... How so?... In the landscape. Lanzarote is very arrid with very little rain, so there is very little vegetation. Some areas look like the moon. Tennerife varies by elevation. Lush areas low and near the coast, volcanic at higher elevations. LaPalma very lush.
  4. The TA was smooth. Only 1 day with a few white caps. Also, 1 day in the 50s -- the rest of the time was sunny and mid-60s to low 70s. Canaries were very interesting with each island being different.
  5. 2007 took us to the Galapagos, Norway Fjords and Iceland, and a TA with stops in Morocco and Canary Islands. We definitely cruise for destinations! Hi to Paul.
  6. The second one is the itinerary that I've been looking at. The cruise director on our most recent cruise (TA on the Century) said this is his favorite itinerary.
  7. Yes, we are lurking. We could be interested depending on the timing and destination. Would love to do a r/t out of Rome that includes Istanbul. One day in Rome was not enough during our Med cruise and we need to go back. Diane
  8. Joey -- Glad to hear your observations. Guess we are just spoiled. Started with Celebrity and hesitate to try anyone else because we are so happy with them. Diane
  9. Thanks, everyone. Lou spoils me every day. I'm so lucky. Diane
  10. Diane So good to hear from you -- Bob and I are really looking forward to this cruise and as you see Suanne and Harvey will be traveling with us as well as a few other couples. If you would I would definitely appreciate seeing your itinerary in St. Petersburg. We have contacted Red October but they said that it wass really to early to book - but we will continue to communicate with them. It appears that we will have a group of 10 - 12. Somewhere on our cruise itinerary I read that we do cruise thru one fjord. Your cruise sounds wonderful - something for us to consider another time. Please send our regards to Lou. Have a wonderful cruise and let us know all about it on your return. I missed that Suanne and Harvey are going with you -- but, of course, I'm not surprised. You will love the Baltics. Most ports are very easy to do on your own. We did -- just do your homework so you know what you want to do while in port. I have your email so will send you the St. Pete's stuff that way. It is a Word document. Just remember these were 2005 prices. My sister and her husband joined us so we had a van with guide, driver and 4 of us.
  11. Hi Kareen and Gail -- I just came upon this thread. Lou and I did this cruise in Aug 05. Our itinerary was a little different -- r/t out of Dover. Our common ports are: Stockholm, Sweden, Helsinki, Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia, Tallinn, Estonia, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo, Norway. We used Red October in St. Petersburg. I'd be happy to send you the itinerary for our 2-day St. P visit. They will customize it to suit your interests. And, answer questions you may have. No fjords coming into Oslo. They are on the western coast. We leave on July 4 for a 12-day Norway/Arctic Circle/North Cape cruise on the Century out of Amsterdam. Will see the fjords on this one. Spending a few days in Amsterdam and Iceland pre and post cruise. Hope you are well -- Hi to Bob and Paul. Diane
  12. Thanks. I am usually a lurker but I am always willing to post when I feel I have something to contribute.
  13. Not currently an active poster (just a lurker) but will help fill in some gaps. We've been to Norway, Finland, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Urguay, Ecuador, and St. Lucia
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