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  1. Hey everyone... I'm back, and i have a very important question for all of you regarding life, working on a cruise ship! My 19 year old cousin is about to embark on a new stage on his life, and one of his options are working on a ship for 6 months or so, he is canadian and I am wondering how it is, and if good, what cruise line? Please Help JB :)
  2. Ive been on 2 of three and deffinately go crown, nicer ship
  3. I just wear a suit, I love the formal nights!
  4. Thank you guys so much, that is why I love this site, ya I'm going to phantom of the opera one day, and just hitting all of the spots, can't wait!!
  5. hey stop scaring me, I'm going on it in a few days grrr
  6. bad luck IMO i LOVE them its really the first step lol
  7. Thank god, I hate smoke onboard, well in some spots last year the balcony beside ours were smokers, it was unbearable!
  8. Tonight I'll have nowhere to talk cruises, but tomorrow I'll have much more lol hopefully everything goes smoothly, thanks so much sponsors, and owners Brady!!!
  9. haha wow, from what I've heard It's ral but who really knows?
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