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  1. Hey Crazies, Anyone out there going on this trip? We'll be traveling with a group of 7 total. Let's hear from you!!
  2. Have been on Infinity, Royal Suite, Galaxy, Penthouse, Summit Penthouse, no we're trying Solstice soon. We are basically going for free. Infinity was great and only 1 year old then. Galaxy furniture wearing to the point we demanded new bedroom chairs, they did it. Summit, again furniture worn, deck wet bar beat to death, in op. Gave us credit toward another cruise. We were afraid to book a Penthouse or Royal and waste more money but we are taking a Celebrity Suite on Solstice for a week to try. The food on Celebrity has declined in the last 5 years. My first cruise was on the Love Boat when new in 1972 called the Sea Venture before it was the Pacific Princess, I was 15. Fell in love with it then. Now I go for the ships but as they get newer all the old fashion is taken out. Like the megaships we find we are furthur away from the ocean feel. The Solstice might be too big but would never go on Oasis , etc. The back of the ship is great. The Summit Penthouse deck was half the width of the ship. HOWEVER most ships are teared in the aft so the cabins above look over you. Most of our deck was exposed but we did have private covered area's. Anymore questions,,,,,,,,,,, Eldorado

  3. Hello, I'm a diehard Millennium class gal, and I'm contemplating booking my first Solstice class ship, Silhouette, for 2011. I would like to know any opinions on balcony cabins back of ship versus side of ship. I know the big secret for Millennium class is that the back of ship balconies are much larger. Thanks! Cheryl
  4. Holy iceberg! Never expected that it would be THAT cold. Night or day?
  5. So how cold was it? I'm hearing 60's, which isn't THAT bad coming from the Bay Area. But, I know how you Angelinos are, I used to be one myself. Any excursions you would highly recommend?
  6. Hey Joey, good to hear from you. That Carib cruise you all are going on sounds awesome! We'd love to go, but have too many other vacations plotted that will interfere. Hi to David!
  7. I think I first posted this on the wrong board, so here I go again. Any other crazies going?? Wondering about any excursion tips. Anyone been on Harv & Marv whale watching? (Private, not official cruise ship excursion). Thanks!
  8. Thanks, Joey! I see you are off to Alaska this year. You'll have to tell all about it. Hope you are doing well. Hi to David!!
  9. Just booked! I know it's a bit premature, but gotta get it out there. This purpose is to celebrate the attainment (to be) of my masters degree next year. Wooo hooo! It's Vancouver to Seward, 7 days. Come along everyone! Love Millennium. Sailed it in 2005.
  10. Avie, Well, if you want to spend a Wad of dough, try this restaurant, Kommandanten. Here is a Frommers link to give you some info. We ate there in 2003, and at the time, it was the most $$ we had ever spent on a meal. (And with todays exchange rates, yikes). BUT, the service was fantastic, ambience cozy, the food was very good and we drank some expensive wine and Dom Perignon, etc. I think that is why it was so expensive, half the cost was alchol. http://www.frommers.com/destinations/copenhagen/D31632.html Other than that, the meals we had were not that memorable, except eating the Danish pastries. -Cheryl
  11. okey doke, NO crazies goin' with us on this one. BUT, I got my docs yesterday!! It's lonely out here
  12. Congrats, Avie! Those ships sound lovely. Someday. I assume you'll be stopping by Tallinn, Estonia, land of my husbands Ole's ancestry. We've been there a few times. It's come along quite nicely since the 90's and you'll probably love it if you haven't been there already. Also, I LOVE Copenhagen. I did a land trip there. Eat Danish is my motto. Their pastries are so yummy, flakey, buttery layers, not just blobs of bread like what we can Danish here.
  13. NO ONE??? I'm feelin' lonely out here.
  14. OK, so I'm finally putting it on here that I'm on this trip! Reluctant as I was to go on Carnival (I'm a Celebrity fan), it's a group trip for a friend's birthday. So, we'll be setting sail with our friends and their friends and some moms will be along also. Anyone else?? Let's get the party started!
  15. Joey - so nice of you guys to escort the Century to and from Europe in 2008! I vote for Celebrity, but it's the only one I have been on (twice). I don't have a huge interest in branching out as I have been quite satisifed. I'm being forced onto Carnival for a friend's birthday in January, but some folks on this board have assured me that I'll survive and might even like it. My DIE HARD Princess friends have decided that they love Celebrity's service the best, but some of Princess's food better.
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