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  1. Welcome aboard!

  2. wow so cool we arent big drinkers David more so than me ..but i juts didnt want to be the only table not having wine. joey Joey, How are you going to handle the wine package and the one night wine boycott mentioned on the group page? Are you still going to do the boycott? About the wine package, where did you find the details? Are they on the Celebrity website? oldefox :rolleyes:
  3. The other day I ran across an interesting site where you can download MP3 file of various languages to help with pronunciation. You can download the MP3 files and listen to them on the long flight to Barcelona if you can sleep. The site is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/ They have all the languages we'll need on our cruise. oldefox :smiley:
  4. Gail, I solved the cell phone problem by purchasing a Mobal GSM World Phone from Mobal before our last Europeon trip. Once you purchase the phone you don't have to change the chip every time you change countries. With this phone you only pay when you use the phone, no monthly service charges. The phone worked great on our recent Baltic cruise and we'll be carrying it on this cruise. The charges per minute vary by country. In Italy the cost is $1.25 per minute in country :smiley: and calls to the USA are $1.50 per minute. If you are interested go to http://www.mobalrental.com/ for details. oldefox
  5. We are flying through Amsterdam going to Barcelona and coming from Venice. Thank goodness we don't have to stop in London. We are still looking for a couple to join us for a van tour of Florence and Pisa, Rome, and Naples. We have lined up a van for 6 and a driver/guide who will meet us at Livorno, Civitavecchia, and Naples. If you are intersted you can contact me at bgpk777@x. oldefox
  6. Joey, I received the package (pins) and I believe I sent you an e-mail thanking you. If you didn't receive the e-mail, thank you. oldefox
  7. Joey, Thanks for offering to post my message on the group page. I originally intended it to be there, but being new to the site got it in the wrong place. Please post. As soon as I book the tour (this week) we will have two seats available for all three cities. When someone responds, I will e-mail details of the three city tour. Thanks, Oldefox
  8. We have tentitively arranged for a van and driver/guide for Livorno, Civitavecchia, and Naples. We need one more couple to fill the van and share the cost. Van holds 6 plus the driver/guide. If you are interested please contact me at bgpk777@x for details.
  9. On our last cruise to Northern Europe we went with Mobal GSM World cell phone. The deal is you purchase the phone for $49 or $99 and only pay for the time you use, no monthly charges. You install the sim card and it works for all of Europe. We used the phone without a hitch in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin, and Oslo. Rates per minute vary from country to country. The website for info is www.mobalrental.com/. We'll be bringing ours on the Millemium. Good luck
  10. Mary Ann, Our e-mail address is bgpk777@x. Please e-mail us additional details if you have any. How many people have signed up with you? :smiley: Thanks
  11. Please send details of private Santorini tour. Thanks, Bruce & Suzzann :smiley:
  12. Joey, We are most intersted in Italy and Greece which pretty much sound like the most of the ports on the cruise. This is our first Med cruise so we are open to new adventures. We'd like to get information on non-ship tours, if you or anyone else knows of any. In May and June we sailed around the Baltic with Princess and had a great but exhausting time. On a 10 day cruise we only had 2 days at sea. Before the cruise we ran into a great deal on a cell phone for use in Europe. You buy the phone for $49 or $99 and you are only charged you when you make a call. No monthly fees. If you or others in the group are interested, the web site is www.mobalrental.com. I ran across this in Budget Travel Magazine. Ours worked great in the various cities around the Baltic. Thanks in advance for sending the pins. Let us know if any costs are involved. If not we owe some drinks in Barcelona :smiley: . Bruce & Suzzann
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