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  1. yep, I was thinking extra sea day too - it might be nice though - never stayed on the ship while in port! I'd just rather do it in a port I've been to before
  2. I talked with someone today who just got back from the Conquest cruise which stops at MoBay. They did the 4-wheeler excursion and had armed guards with them the whole time. She also said that at the end, they had to wait in some secure building before being brought back (to the ship I guess is what she meant). She said that people couldn't even walk outside the building to smoke without a guard. That sounds scary and I'm usually not afraid to venture off in a town (with my DH of course). But seriously thinking about staying on the boat for this stop. I'm a beach person and would love to just hang out on the beach without being harassed - IS THAT POSSIBLE?
  3. Thanks everyone - I'll bring plenty of small bills!!!
  4. We're leaving this Sunday. I know that one formal is the day we stop in Cozumel - which is bad because last time we spent way too much time at the bar before we got back on the ship - oh well, I'll just try to remember that when I think about how smooth thoses drinks are going down Just not sure if the 1st formal night will be Monday or Tuesday. I guess it doesn't matter - just would like to know in advance (I'm a planner). One more question about the dinner club if anyone knows...what's the dress requirement for men - jacket and tie? This is the 1st 7-day with Carnival - other 2 were Norwegian.
  5. Anyone know when formal night is? I know I saw a thread about this once before and now can't find it. We're trying to plan which night we should do the Dinner Club. Also if you have any other TIPS for this ship let me know...this will be the 3rd 7-day cruise, but never before this large
  6. Thanks everyone...I'm glad I asked b/c my husband and I had this conversation and he said "no tipping, it's included". So what's the standard tip amount?
  7. Feel silly for asking this b/c this will be my 5th cruise (have never used rs), but when you use room service on the ship do you tip them then? Thanks
  8. Thanks Guys. I called my TA and told them we're celebrating 10 years. Here's the response I got..#1...oh, that's good...so I don't think THEY REALLY GET IT! On our first cruise, our TA had champagne and snacks sent to our room (that was NCL though) and on our last NCL cruise we were invited to a little celebration party. I don't remember Carnival having that, but have never sailed Carnival 7 days before (just NCL). Thanks for the tip on getting around the ship. That's the first thing I like to do...go exploring!!!! What about Jamica? Should we stay on the ship or maybe do an excursion? I've heard some nasty things about the place.
  9. Do I call or email the cruise line...my TA before did this for us. But the TA I used this time didn't ask if there was a special occasion. Thanks for the comments and keep 'em coming:)
  10. Hello everyone! On July 22 we're cruising on the Conquest out of Galveston. This will be our 5th cruise so we're not totally new to the cruise scence, but want some pointers on how to make this the BEST cruise ever (10 year anniv). I'm sort of torn because I couldn't decide between the cruise or a land all-inclusive. Went with cruise in the end. So, if you've cruised this ship before (or if you haven't) give me some tips. One more thing, I really wanted a balcony but they were sold out (at least thats what the TA I used said), any tips on trying to find a balacony (if still available) wanted too. Thanks
  11. You guys are SOOO helpful - THANKS! I'll bring two bottles and I packed away the corkscrew. Although I just made my first post a few days ago, I've been reading the forum for awhile - so I will miss everyone (esp. Joey's smiling face...I just love the picture :wink: ) She:)
  12. Okay...I leave tomorrow (taking a deep breath trying not to panic about everything that needs to be done today-whew :shocked: ). I want to bring some wine on board...would like to have a glass or two getting dressed and maybe a glass before bed (helps me sleep when I'm away from home). So my first question is this...do I pack it with my check in luggage (of course taking precautions in case of an accident) or do I carry it on? I'm only planning on bringing two bottles b/c thats what the cruise docs say (1 for me and one for DH). Trying not to be "illegal" or sneaky with the wine (actually intended on bringing 5 bottles but then thought otherwise :grin: ) Also, since I'd like to drink it in my room...what about a cork-screw - would that be considered a weapon???. I don't mind paying the $10 corkage fee but since I'm not drinking it in the dining room, I'm not sure how this works. I'd hate to have my luggage confiscated b/c of a cork-screw. BTW...the cruise line is Carnival if that helps. Thanks Everyone - This forum is really GREAT! She
  13. Questions??? I see that alot of you bring wine on board. Do you turn it in before you board and pay the corkage fee or do you pack it in your suitcase? I'm leaving on Monday and bought some bottles of wine to take - I was planning on turning it in. But I would really like to have a glass or two getting ready in my room. If you pack it...where? In your carry-on or big suitcases? One more thing...exactly how many bottles of wine do you take :grin: ? She
  14. Joey, I've been on it before too - about 4 years ago. I know its an older ship, but didn't matter to us...we had a GREAT time! My first cruise was The Norwegian Star out of Houston (7 day) - 1997. #2 was the Ectasy out of Galveston (5 day) - 2002. #3 was the Norwegian ???(I forget the name) out of Houston (7 day) - 2004. I wanted to do the 7-day Conquest out of Galveston, but at the last minute we changed our mind and opted for the 5-day. We're saving the Conquest until next year...10 year anniversary :shocked: I've only done cruises!!! Thought about doing an all-inclusive to a resort but I really don't like to fly...I'm a chicken! So I'll take what Galveston / Houston gives me as far as cruise options - I'm about 40 miles north of Houston. BTW...my DH and I decided to spend $$$ on cruises after spending 3-nights in Galveston once and the price (room, food, and drinks) being more than the cost of our first cruise!!!!! :shocked: She
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