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  1. Glad to be part of your group. Love to cruise. Just returned from my 15th cruise Mickie
  2. Welcome Home Keith and Rita. Glad to hear you had such a great time. Thanks for the great photos.
  3. Oh my dear Robert my thoughts are with you as you sit after you have told your story. Sometimes we all hold things in for so long and the grief can become so OVERWHELMING we can not move on with life. I am so glad you felt comfortable enough with all of us to talk about it. I hope and pray that maybe you can finally find some peace. I will be thinking of you. Cheryl: Your dad sounds like he had a wonderful life and I am so glad you got to share in that with him. Tomorrow my mother will be gone 8 years. Today I went to the cemetary as I will leave tomorrow for Seattle. I was saddened but remembered all the good times I shared with her and my Dad. I laughed and cried but left there feeling happy to be their daughter.
  4. Joey: When you said to Cheryl the words" let the heart cry it's tears so it may one day sing laughter of the memories..... it was helpful to me. Friday I leave for my cruise with a heavy heart. As excited as I am Saturday will be the 8th anniversary of the passing of my mother. She and I were extremely close and she died in my arms. It has been ten years since my father died. They both LOVED cruising and I was able to take two cruises with them. I know they will be with me in spirit when I take this one. Cheryl: I am so glad that your cancer is in remission and like you I was so very close with my Dad and miss him every day. He is always in my thoughts. Jackie: Sorry you have to wait until the 13th for results of your tests. I think it is so cruel when they make you wait so long. Hopefully, the news will all be good. Kareen: Glad Anne is doing better. Robert: Thanks for all of your words of wisdom. They brought a great deal of comfort to those of us who deal with some difficult issues. We are truly a unique kind of family here. Cheryl: I am sorry to hear of the things you went through. You are so lucky to have found Greg. He seems to have brought to your life the love that you so needed and truly DESERVED. To all my friends let me just say how good it feels to be able to express feelings to people and know they are out there and care.
  5. Congratulations Joey! 10,000 posts WOW You deserve your very special spot. Thanks for making this such a special place for me.
  6. Thank goodness. I am glad things were not as bad as they thought it might be. Now everyone just be safe.
  7. Congtatulations on your 39th anniversary. Your B2B cruise celebration is such a romantic idea. It will be such fun for both of you.
  8. Keith and Rita, Have a fabulous cruise. I can see you on the dance floor now!
  9. Mary Lou and Jim Bon Voyage and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
  10. Thanks everyone. I will miss all of you while I am gone but I am so excited. I finished most of my packing today and will leave for Seattle on Friday. Cheryl, I don't even have a digital camera yet so won't be able to post pictures. Still use a 35 mm. Guess I will have to get with it soon. I will, however, post a review when I return.
  11. Keith and Rita, You surely will be spoiled now. A balcony is the BEST!!
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