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  1. Hi all: Well finally finished with work, now I'm working on that little "wedding" thing. We leave from JFK at 9:10 PM on Sat.-- going straight from the reception to the airport-- trying not to worry about logistics and just having a fun time.... Pat and I look forward to meeting you all on the ship and thanks a million for all your help planning this cruise. Special thanks to you Joey. Joe & Pat
  2. Jackie- if you need partners, Pat and I are available to help! :grin:
  3. Hi Joey: Funny you should say that.... we actually just had our first "argument" over it this evening-- I think we're both getting a bit stressed. It will all work out-- can't wait to get on that damn ship!!! :) Thanks for the wishes, Joe
  4. would you like company?? I booked the EXACT same time and date a week ago! LOL.
  5. Thanks Diane. Pat and I are staying at the Al Ponte Antico, but it's sure nice to know that we won't have to schlep over to the Piazzale Roma to catch a water taxi! Joe
  6. It might be anal, but I also scan my passport and travel docs and e-mail it to myself at an e-mail address I can access. If all else fails, I can always go to a PC and retrieve them. Just my two cents worth. Joe
  7. Joey: Depends. Fortunately, the reception hall is 10mins. from the airport. If they let me check in my luggage BEFORE the reception, we can leave later-- otherwise, I'm thinking if we get there by 7, we'll be ok and ready to collapse!! I need some suggestions from the group-- how much champagne to drink-- too little and I won't fall asleep on the plane-- too much and they won't let me ON the plane!! Joe
  8. Iberia has been playing this game with me for weeks!! My flight departure started at 2110 which was changed to 2200 which was later changed to 2100 which was once again changed to...... (you guessed it) 2110!! It would be funny if Pat and I were not leaving for the airport directly from our wedding reception... Joe
  9. Welcome Bob & Kirsyen (or is it Kirsten?). I'm from NJ, Pat's from NY--bypassing Newark and taking Iberia out of JFK. Pat and I will be on our honeymoon-- are you and Kirsyen celebrating anything special? You should check out the link on Joey's page-- he's done a marvelous job of collecting alot of info and putting it one place. Joe
  10. Joey, thanks so much much-- with all the wedding planning, haven't had much time to check in with you guys!! Joe
  11. Mary Ann: I haven't made plans for Villefranche either. Could you PM me with the details. Thanks! Joe
  12. Ok, I'm getting a little tired hearing all this talk about senior discounts (too young) and how some are ALREADY PACKED (still haven't booked a hotel in Venice) !!! LOL. I guess I better get off my butt and finish my plans....
  13. Joey: If you want to update the list, I'm in CC7194 and have late seating. Still deciding on the hotel in Venice. Thanks. Joe
  14. I am rolling the dice and maybe ESPN international good luck Joey-- the last time I was in Italy, all I ever saw on the TV was soccer and cycling...
  15. We're flying thru Madrid each way. I hope these darn airlines stock plenty of water because I usually bring a few bottles for the flight!
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