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  1. Hi. My husband and I arrive in Rome on November 3. We are trying to put together a group of no more than 8 for a van shuttle to the cruise port. the cost for 8 of us is about $28 per person. Celebrity is charging $92 per person. Outrageous. The drive takes about one hour. You can contact me on this site. It won't allow me to give an e mail address. But let's try if this will work. I am captaingail, then the at sign, then yahoo. Then com.

  2. Hi from Gail R who had the colon problem, had to cancel the Millie cruise and ended up in the hospital for 6 days being shot up four times a day with prednisone to calm down the colon. Diagnosis: Ulcerative colitis, minus the ulcers. The bonus was the birth of our first grandson who was born a week after we would have returned from the Millie trip. We booked the trip not knowing daughter was pregnant. Anyway, woud love to see all posted photos. My e mail (please do not use for forwards or jokes or stuff like that) is captaingail###### I have just booked Princess Alaska Cruise Tour 21e meeting in Fairbanks on July 29th for 6 night land tour (including that special Tundra Wilderness Tour in Denali). 7 night cruise part starts in Whittier/Anchorage and ends on August 11 in Vancouver. We may fly to Fairbanks a day or two early so thatwe can take a tour up to Barrow Alaska by Alaska Air and visit an exotic place the farthest north in the U.S--Arctic Ocean, polar bears, etc. I had wanted to visit Kenai peninsula and Homer and Dawson and so much more, but, although retired, don't want to take a month off in summer when we sail our boat on the Jersey coast near Barnegat Bay. Sailing season is short enough as it is. The problems of retirement should be all your problems someday Should anyone be interested in this cruise and tour, let me know. We'll start a forum page. Happy Holidays. Peace to all. Gail R
  3. Hi Guys, Wishing you all a wonderful trip. Have learned so much from you and will miss not meeting you. Unfortunately we had to cancel last week. Developed a stomach problem from food poisoning a month ago, had two relapses after antibiotics, many lab samples taken, a very good gastro doctor, and he said he may need to do a colonoscopy if I don't get better soon. Am too tired to sight see for hours each day, something we love to do. And I can't eat! The weight loss is welcome, but not this way. So, we will reschedule this cruise, probably for May. Be well all. And I hope to read your postings with all the fabulous details after you return. Gail R
  4. Hi Tony and Jackie. Unfortunately, we do want to leave early, probably by 8:30 a.m. It will be a long day. Looking forward to meeting you though. Gail R
  5. Thanks Shannon, Fair looks like fun. Will probably wait until arriving in Barcelona to book a car for Saturday. Jerry likes to drive and we will explore the Costa Brava. If a couple wants to join us on that Saturday the 28th, let me know. Our only criteria for company are adventurous people who like to be on time. Gail R
  6. Shannon, You asked about a week ago (I just saw it) if we were going to the festival in Girona. We are arriving in Barcelona on the morning of the 26th and plan to rent a car and go up the coast and to Girona, maybe on Saturday the 28th. Tell me about the festival. Gail R
  7. Joey, BA is not requiring the clear plastic bag anymore. Also, we arrive in Barcelona on the 26th and will look for all of you on the evening of the 28th. One of the days we are there we will rent a car and drive to Girona. Any other suggestions? My condolences to you also Gail. Gail R
  8. Hi, For moreup to date info on luggage and carry on for those traveling through England, go to this link: http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/transport...icle1578736.ece Also, we two would be happy to meet all of you for drinks on the 28th in the evening. Gail R
  9. Just checked out my carry on bag. It's 22 by 15 x 8, but won't weigh more than 20 lbs filled with my secret weapon for overnight flights-a king size pillow to cushion the bod of a short person trying to get comfy in those ridiculous seats. Do you think they will trade me the extra five inches for those 30 lbs? Or won't they notice? The Brits are less obese than us Yanks. So it stands to reason that their aisle is 5 inches shorter. Right? Or they just want to make the luggage industry richer. All the other airlines take this wider width bag. What's wrong with these Brits? Just tired and musing over the sad state of our world today. But travel, if we can get there with sense of humor intact, makes it all worth while. Looking forward to making your acquaintances. BTW, who said they live in Bucks County? And cruisergal, where is that travel to do list?
  10. Just got off the phone with BA. If the entire flight itinerary is on one ticket or e ticket , two 50lb bags are allowed. If the flights are broken into separate tickets, then only 1 bag is allowed. This applies to anyone laying over in England and having 2 separate tickets. Each additional bag over the one costs $100. Two carry on bags are allowed. One up to 50 lbs is supposed to be no larger than (inches) 22 x 10 x 8. The other should be no heavier than 13 lbs and be no larger than 17 x 13 x 6 inches That's the deal for today, kids.
  11. Joey, I found the countdown clock, but how do I attach it automatically when I post? Captain Gail
  12. That will be fine on outbound. Returning, we are stopping in London to spend three days with friends. I assume if I show them my complete itinerary, they will allow us the extra bag. How have you translated the carry on regs?
  13. Is anyone unfortunately flying British Air? Their web site is contradictory on the number of checked bags. Weight seems to be 50 lbs. Unclear if it's one or two allowed. As for carry on, they're writing one small carryon allowed, about the size of a notebook computer case, but 8 inches deep. No mention of a personal bag, i.e., handbag minus cosmetics, of course. This is all very concerning. Do you think they will take away the large support pillow I will need for the seat if I carry it on in addition to my miniscule carry on?
  14. Cruisergal, I'd love to see that to do list. Bet lots of us would. Please post it.
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