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  1. Just uploaded another video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKd5Lb-rco0.
  2. Be careful, some of those places charges connection fees and other such fees to use their towers and their roaming service. I have heard horrer stories about $1,000-1,500 cell phone bills after a cruise. Call you cell provider to make sure that will not happen or just make the call short and sweet.
  3. Thats the smart way to do it. We had so much wind up there it was almost impossible to keep the ball in one place when your trying to hit it. But it was fun... except the part where Robert had his hat blown off and I had to run down to the next deck and look all over for it. I finally found it and all turned out great, except the fact that I lost at mini golf .
  4. It's actually really easy to miss. Me and my wife were exploring one one of the days at sea and just kept going up until we saw it at the very top around the smoke stack. It was the next floor up from the vollyball court, at least I think it was a vollyball court.
  5. Sadly I never got a hole in one. There was one hole where you have to hit the ball in the mouth of what is supposed to be a gator. Robert was the only one to get it in less than 10 hits. He actually got it in 2 hits. The worst part is its a strait line directly to the hole but you can't get it over the stupid bump on the mouth. I may upload the video to youtube and PM it to people. Oops, Robert will probably kill me for saying that.
  6. Well I tried to post the video of us going into their room on the first day and suprising them but after he saw it he wouldn't let me upload it. It was either that or never get my lawn mowed or car washed again. Besides I gotta have some blackmail vids and pics to keep him busy. Anyways here's the old man kicking my butt at mini golf on Saturday: I will try to get some more pics and vids uploaded soon.
  7. You post that picture and your a ex-soninlaw! <] Oh no, its not a picture, its a video.
  8. Old post but a good one. Since I got a few minutes to post I may as well give my 2 cents worth. Let me tell you, I was in the deepest *&^# when I got back since my boss couldnt get in touch with me. I am the only IT person here and I was supposed to receive txt messages on the ship but nooooo (stupid T-Mobile). Robert could since he is with AT&T. I guess my instructions for fixing stuff wasnt clear enough. It just happened to be during the big storms the Monday after I left but it all worked out fine in the end. I guess I could have checked my email but I was having way too much fun in the casino (losing) to even think about work.
  9. Sorry Smoo I was unable to grab one, at the time they didnt have any at several bars and I forgot later on, Sorry but Ill get you one next time youll probably have it grabbed by someone or it breaks! The special cups were hard to find after a day or two. My wife (Roberts daughter) lost one of hers on the second day at see. I went to buy another and the entire ship was sold out. I ended up with one of the green mugs and gave her my red one. Once we saw the smoke stack drinks we bought one instantly since I knew they would be gone soon. Luckely we bought 2 since one cracked on the way home (pack them carefully, they arent very strong). I forgot to mention it can double and a bank. They have a long slit where the straw goes for dollar bills. (not recomended for use as a bank while drinking out of it)
  10. That was the fun part, Robert didn't know we were going. We just showed up at their room and supprised them. It was almost impossible to keep it a secret for 5 months but we managed to do it. I bet that was funny - did you happen to get a pic of his face when he opened the door? There is no way I would have been able to keep mum about it for that long. I am leaving next week, on Friday to head to Galveston and we will be sailing on the COnquest for the first time - what was your impression of the ship? I turned my camera on video and just shot the entire entrance . It was hard to suprise them since the entire family loves to blab secrets (me included). The Conquest was a huge ship. The thing to remember is to get to the lobby on level 3 or the pictures on level 4 or the spa on one of the upper levels you have to go to the forward elevators. The main dining room is in the back so use the aft elevators. To get to the Point dining room you have to use the middle elevators. Level 9 is the buffet and you can use all 3 sets of elevators to get there. Just like my first cruise the elevators posed quite a challenge. I watched several times as they went right past my floor to the top so me and my defective knee ended up having to take the stairs. The crew was super nice and we got really lucky and got a great room steward (spelling?). If you see a steward named Super tell him room 7425 said hello lol. I did feel bad for Robert and Annie, their steward pretty much sucked. The waiters were good for entertainment but we didnt get the attention that we got on RC. I guess when it comes to the staff that is helping you directly its just the luck of the draw. All in all the ship was very nice and they kept it as clean as possible.
  11. You called? Never thought I would actually post in a sports thread but since I was being summoned I would just grace you guys with my presents . I guess that's one secret to being happily married over 10 year. I need to upload to youtube the video of Robert when we first walked into the room on the cruise. His face was unforgettable.
  12. That was the fun part, Robert didn't know we were going. We just showed up at their room and supprised them. It was almost impossible to keep it a secret for 5 months but we managed to do it.
  13. I got two of those last week but one broke on the drive home. Luckely it was the stupid one that the lid didn't line up on. You would think if the bartender wanted a tip they would give me a non-retarded cup lol. But we did think they were cool looking.
  14. You know if I realized that this was for all the Crazies I would have said in the other post that I have been to Turkey (not on a cruise though if that matters). Glad you got it working. PM me and let me know how you got it.
  15. I tried it in my sig and it worked great just like your but I cant seem to get it to show up in the forum. LOL Thanks and I know that feeling. I have to bring my Digital Rebel, my SD630, a laptop, mini external hard drive, several 1 and 2 Gig memory cards, spare batteries, chargers, a power strip and a backpack to cary it all in that weighs about 40lbs or more. I pretty much pack my office into the backpack and hope I didnt forget anything just to be sure that I can take as many pictures as I want or need. I actually had a picture that I really like that I took years ago in White Sands that I wanted to frame. I realized sadly that back then I was limited on space so I turned the resolution way down. If I blow it up any bigger than wallet size it looks horrible. I am so glad memory cards are cheaper now too or I would go broke on those faster than film. I just saw your last post. This is the one I copied from your first post but for some reason it is not showing up correctly even when I paste it into a new window.
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