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  1. this is our first cruise on HAL. I always overpack and so does DH. Can I have some suggestions please? Thank you Diane
  2. Hi We have balcony cabins on hold. Norway deck 10 - 0040, 0041 or Viking deck 8 - 8038, 8055 Any other suggestions for cabins? I can't find any info on which ones have the larger balcony. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Shari. I think we'll sail on NCL and hopefully someone will help me with my balcony cabin location.
  4. OK now the group is leaning toward the NCL (Van to Hono and other islands). More questions for the experts: What cat for the best balcony cabins? What should we look for in location for the best balcony cabins? Are all balcony cabins created equal? Do all balcony cabins have fridges? How easy is it to bring spirits onboard? So far I have received a wealth of information from my post replies and reading other threads. Thank you so much for helping me make this decision. Its a birthday cruise and although everyone has input and suggestions, I'm the one to make the final decison and then either live it up or live it down! :kiss:
  5. Thanks for the input! I've been to Hawaii, stayed on Kauai and Maui and Oahu. We thought if we took the 9 day'er we would opt to find something on the Northside of Oahu for a few days. We stayed in Wailkiki for 5 days on our way home from Australia. Hadn't been on Oahu for 26 years - we would not return to that area to stay because we found it too busy for our tastes now. Having only cruised once previously and it was a 4 day mini cruise on HAL to Sitka Alaska. I really don't consider that a 'cruise', just a sail! LOL I know Princess is considered a better shipline but I really don't have anything to compare it to. The NCL is 4 days longer and only $100 more per person. Re NCL: how easy is it to bring 'liquids' aboard? I've heard some lines are very strict, others not. Do Balcony suites have fridges? Its a tough decison but someone has to make it! :cheesy:
  6. Please help me decide! I've narrowed down the search to 2 cruises - Vancouver to Hawaii in September 07. Pacific Princess: smaller more intimate ship, only 9 days, might be a rougher crossing due to her size. Signifigant birthday is during cruise. Norweigian Sun: larger ship, casual as in freestyle dining, not as consistent in reputation, longer cruise with more of the islands. Signifigant birthday is on departure day. I'm losing sleep! I have to make a decison soon (today). I'd appreciate all pros and cons. Just to add to the mix, there's always a flight to Hawaii and then a cruise around the islands. :shocked: I'm just not sure! Thanks all!
  7. I am considering a cruise and I like the date and the fact that she leaves from Vancouver. I have found a range of prices for the same cabin (E211) w balcony. $6324 down to $5789 cdn! since I know nothing about the ship except what I've read so far, I am wondering where the cabin should be located. What deck(s) are more desireable? Is the Coral Princess a nice ship? I like the idea of a fridge in your stateroom too. Thanks in advace for your help and advice!
  8. Thank you! I have more quesstions so will start another thread.....
  9. Thank you! I have more quesstions so will start another thread.....
  10. Sorry I haven't replied, its still camping weather and we've been out in the trailer alot...... Thank you both for your replies. I have done more reading and now have more questions: What does the term Full Transit mean on a Panama Canal cruise? One I looked at had 2 days Full Transit. I am looking at September because it is a milestone birthday. Is there any advantage to being onboard on that special day? It seems HAL is more expensive than the others, is it really a better cruise? What makes HAL more attractive than the others? Would you recommend a Balcony with this itinerary? What would be the advantage of booking now instead of waiting, say 6 months? Thanks all for helping the newbie! Diane aka Labbysmom
  11. Hi As a newbie I don't know alot about this topic. I've found a couple of cruises out of Vancouver BC where I live, for the Panama. Is there a cheaper way to do this criuse? LM
  12. Thank you all for your warm welcome to this awesome site! I am a newbie cruiser who hopes to be entering the age of more vacations which translates to more experiences which equals cruising! Thanks again and I hope to contribute instead of ask once I become more experienced in this mode of travel! Meanwhile, please understand that I like to ask lots of questions! LM! :grin:
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