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  1. Hey Guys.. in todays email we recieved this anyone else from our sailing?
  2. We arrived home Monday at 10 PM -- we spent 3 fabulous additional days exploring Venice. Joe and Pat -- Thanks for letting Mom and Dad tag along on your honeymoon. We had a blast!! Bruce and Suzzann -- Thanks for being such great traveling companions. We'll be seeing you soon!! Joey and David -- Thanks for everything -- your hospitality was great!! To all of our other Cruise Crazie friends - thanks for the memories!! Hope to see many of you on the high seas again. Jerry & Betty
  3. Diane and Lou, We are leaving tomorrow from Syracuse at 2:30 - arrive BCN 7:45 AM. Looking forward to seeing you. Joey, Look at that weather report -- you did fix the weather for us. Thanks!!! That report is much better than the other one you posted.
  4. Jackie, We normally go to Arizona with our RV sometime during the winter -- where do you go with your RV? Paula, Do you live in New York State?
  5. We fly out the afternoon of the 25th -- arrive in Barceona 8 AM. Looking forward to meeting everyone -- so glad that I found this site. It has been very informative and helpful -- thanks for everything Joey.
  6. We traveled the Inside Passage several years ago on the Alaska State Ferry System and took a 3 day 2 night small cruiseship trip into Glacier Bay. It was the highlight of our trip to Alaska - the weather was perfect - the calving was unbelievable - it's an incredible sight to see a huge cruiseship in front of the glaciers to comprehend the size of the glaciers. I would go back in a heartbeat. We have been to Alaska 3 times and have independently toured Alaska each time. One time we stayed in hotels and lodges, another time we stayed in B & B's and the last time we rented a motorhome.
  7. Joey, PLEASEEEEEE find me a pin -- I am a pin collector from way back and sure would love a pin. See you at meet and greet!! Mary Ann, What senior discount? I asked for Senior, Military, or anything else and Celebrity told me they didn't give discounts. Did they mess me up on this also?
  8. Hi Jackie, I just found this thread tonight and I have enjoyed reading your daily cruise details. Sounds like a great cruise and that you're having a wonderful time. Congrats on winning at bingo -- that's something that I have never done. How do you do go from one cruise to the other? How about some lessons on being organized? Can't wait to read "the rest of the story".
  9. OK Mary Ann, what "badge" are you referring to -- have I missed something? We have our airline tickets all changed and saved money on the deal -- now just hope our credit card gets credited!! Are you getting Euros in the US or waiting to purchase them at the airport in Barcelona?
  10. Our documents arrived with the wrong date to fly out -- now we're looking for flights on our own. Tour is filled for Athens and we're booked on another tour for Santorini.
  12. Hi Joey, We are still hoping to find someone that needs 2 more people for a tour of Athens and perhaps Santorini? Do you know of anyone? If not, I have contacted tours in both places if anyone is interested. We are arriving in Barcelona on the 26th at 0745 and staying at the Hotel Continental Palacete. We are looking forward to meeting everyone on the 28th.
  13. Looking for a tour of Athens -- does anyone have room for 2 on their private tour? If not, is anyone interested in sharing a car with us? We are arriving in Barcelona on the 26th at 0745 and staying at the Hotel Continental Palacete. We are looking forward to meeting everyone on the 28th.
  14. Does anyone have room for us (Jerry & Betty) on a tour of Athens or Santorini? If not, I have contacted a guide in each port that offers tours. Anyone interested?
  15. Hi Mary Ann, Would you please tell me about the tour that you have booked for NICE? Where - what - price. My husband and I still haven't booked anything for Nice. Jerbet
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