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  1. Please read the article below about my little sister and I hope some of you can take the time out of your day to support my little sis who works really hard to be a good classical pianist! Recently a local piano student has stepped forward to enter into a Canada wide Classical Music event. Louisa Lu, a multi-time CMC National Finalist from Edmonton, Alberta is participating in CBC's piano competition, "Piano Hero". The first part of the competition requires public voting, so we are looking for supporters to please come forward and cast their vote for her. Here's the link: http://piano.strutta.com/entry/8261620 You can vote every 20 hours, so keep clicking that Vote button every 20 hours please and share it with whoever you can! Teachers, students, and parents. Every vote counts! We hope that by using every possible social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc....) we will be able to spread enough coverage to bring about the much needed support for such a talented young local musician. Thanks for reading and let's keep a-cruising!
  2. Happy Birthday Jimmykaboots!

  3. interesting screen name you have. i also see that you been on a cruise very recently. silly question...but how fabulous was it??

  4. Hi Jimmy and welcome back to the New Cruise Crazies!!

  5. GottaCruz! *bearhugz* its been so long since Ive talked to you! I'm so glad to see you are still an active member on here as usual! I've so missed talking to you! Oh my, what a memory you have! I am still dancing of course! Just recently also auditioned into a full time broadway dance school, hopefully I'll get in! But my parents are very against it! They say broadway dancing is a waste of time unless you become famous and I never will. :( But if I do get into the dance school full time it will be tricky to work it around school! I'm entering my 3rd year of Police Investigations, its getting harder and harder to memorize so many law statues and this and that and soooo many whodunits! I just want to take a long long nap sometimes :D How are you Cheryl?? I'd love to hear how you are doing!
  6. Hey Cheryl and Jason! Haha yea it has been awhile! Its great to see you both again! How are you good people?

  7. Hey, Jimmy. Welcome back to the new, improved CruiseCrazies. It's great to see you posting. Are you still dancing?

  8. Greetings cruise crazies members! It's been awhile since I've been on! I hope you all have been doing well as I have missed talking to all you great people, alas schoolwork always comes first! But I promised before, that whenever I have time I will definitely come on here as often as I can! You are all such pleasurable people to be around :) Now I have a question, if anyone would be ever so kind to answer! I'm leaving on the Norweigan Jewel from London for a 12 day Europe cruise, we will be stoping in St. Petersburg on Aug. 20 and have been emailing Tour deForce, a private 15 person tour that we found their website(compliments of google). Now my parents are worried if they are legit, because we have heard terrible stories about such tours being scams! Has anyone toured with them before or heard of them? Are they a legit tour? Thank you for your time in reading this, God bless fellow cruisers!
  9. Hey Jimmy, good to see ya! It's been a while

  10. Lol how true how true! If only life weren't so complicated, alas that's the price for progress we all pay!
  11. Whoa I lost my post, here it is! Haha thanks alot for the welcome back! I will try my best to get on as much as I can, in fact, I set Cruisecrazies.com as my homepage! So everytime i turn on the internet I see this page! Well my parents did say as long as I stay busy I won't have time to get in trouble! Remember that for your kids now :D Common now Gregswife that's nothing! My grandma is in her late 60's and she's more out going than the pot smoking teenagers at the bus stop across from my police academy! GottaCruz thats great your daughter dances! You should introduce her into more dances! Dancing creates grace and flexibility! Not to mention the dance communtiy is usually so friendly when they're not being so competitive. And the girls dig the dancing dudes! I'm back on board on fellow cruisers!
  12. No no not that pair of lost boots in your closet, but rather.... KABOOTS! *clambers into the corner from cruise withdrawal* Jimmykaboots is now back in action! I was extremely happy to see that all you great people remembered my birthday! I have finally settled down in school and hope to come back to this terrific community forum as a regular reader and poster again! Just a quick brief through of whats up with my life I thought I'd share after not seeing you all in so long! I'm finally 18, o how long I have waited for this day! Now I feel so cotton picking old! My parents decided to stop a year of cruising just to take a break! So instead we went to Vegas, California, San Diego, San Francisco, London(UK) and Paris last year instead. This year we hope to return to our cruising and in fact have booked a seven day new york new england cruise on Norweigan Dawn for the end of August as we continue our goal to go on every cruise ship company in the world! As for schooling, I'm now in Macewan Police Academy entering my second year and I'm studying to be a Police Investigator, big dreams to be a big shot detective for some famous investigation unit(interpol, scotland yard, hopefully haha) As silly as it sounds, who knows? If I don't try, there will be no hope at least if I try I'll have a chance! I'm an actor for CrimeStoppers now too! I got selected to act many of their crime re-enactments if you're every swinging by Canada and sit down to watch Global News you just might spot me in a re-enactment! Yes GottaCruz I am still dancing! You have a terrific memory to remember that haha! Yep I'm still in broadway musicals and hip hop! I wouldn't give it up for anything!
  13. O wow.... wow. I don't know what to say. Just, wow. Thanks so much! You guys and gals are the best! You are the only forum to wish me happy birthday! Even the other forums I visited didn't even bothering wishing me a happy b-day! Thanks alot! So touching, kinda teary eyed now. To think that I haven't surfed this site in so long yet still you guys remember me, you truly are a terrific and wonderful community! Long live cruisecrazies members!
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