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  1. We do both ways- when i thought I'd be snorkeling by myself, I went through the ship's excursions- but with groups usually we go through private or other excursion tours. When I first on our first cruise with the kids- we just hung around the port- and got a taxi bus to the nearest beach...how far we've come!! Stephanie
  2. LOL, Joey! You know us "famous" types from NH!
  3. We're going on this one- we are flying in to Tampa on Friday- my DH needs to "get out of Dodge" a couple of days early. He needs time to relax before we get on the ship- LOL! We were going to go out of SJU for the Southern Caribbean but the tickets just wouldn't come down in price!
  4. WE've posed, but do not buy the pictures- sometimes it seems hard to get away from the photographer!
  5. exactly..... thanks fo4 the encouragement... Our first cruise was just the kids and me and we had an inside (and bottom of the ship) cabin. I was concerned about it, but it was fine. We didn't think to bring some type of night light if one of the kids had to get up, so the first couple of nights I left the bathroom light on and propped open the door a bit. Neither of the kids were scared of the dark- and it was dark!- but it allowed Seth to get off the top bunk with out killing himself! We'd do it again if it allowed us to sail... Stephanie
  6. We would love to do Kaui- we own a timeshare and would probably go that way...one day...maybe... Keep us posted to what you decide on to do...
  7. Steve and I are at "odds" with this one. My preference would be to take a cruise and get a taste of the islands which would let us decide where we would go back to for a week's stay...Either way, I'd be happy going! Good question, Joey!
  8. We were on the Fantasy a few years ago, so things might have changed. I do remember there being a free softserve station that we could get icecream and there were places that you could get cups (or put it in bottles) of water. Hopefully this helps! We had a blast on the Fantasy. The kids (son and daughter ) went on it on a February vacation. It is a great ship! Stephanie
  9. I have to add ditto to everyone's comments. We wore tevas and bathing suites under our clothes and had a blast going up! There are places in the falls if you want to "go under" and get all wet you can- but you will still pretty much get soaked even if you don't. Have a blast! Stephanie
  10. Wow! How'd it get to be June?? School is out tomorrow and I can now look at the cruise in April! We just got an upgrade on our cabin. Anyone else interested in coming along? Stephanie
  11. Hey! I'm feeling better, thanks! We had a very busy weekend last weekend with Sara fundraising on Saturday and volleyball tourney in Concord on Sunday! We woke up Monday saying- what day is it?? LOL I'm glad our cabins are filling up! It is great fun to go with others. With the way that our weather has been, I cannot wait to be in the sun!! Anyone else want to go?? Stephanie
  12. Having them did give a certain sense of "appeal"...lol So...snowstorm on Wednesday or not?? Stephanie PS- you're so nice...I didn't invite you anyways! hmph!
  13. My students would completely lose it! I think I would go crazy too! I think I'll brave out the cold and suffer through reports! Stephanie
  14. With four of us, I'm not sure how many extra excursions we'll be doing. Sara and I will probably snorkle and leave Seth and Steve to do what they want to do. I'm not sure yet... Stephanie
  15. We'll buy the first bucket! Since we backed out of Novemeber for this one! We are looking at both options- but STeve is concerned about what happens if the airline looses our luggage again... We'll see! Stephanie
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