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  1. I was wondering about the dinner times, are you able to goto dinner at buffet or dinner only at the specific time?
  2. excellent, thanks sciroco and btate for comment we can never get enough advice for cruiseing on a first cruise thanks again and add what ever when ever. :wink:
  3. 59. Your houseplants will miss the sound of your voice.
  4. thanks all for your replies, gottacruz, no that is not me but he looks comfortable if i have a chance for that position maybe ill take it. thanks lisa63, and for hazelson, we actually got back from west wendover last night, its a small town but fun for short period of time 2 days tops. :wink: Surfside Traveler: we are flying to dallas fort worth, staying a day or so with my wife's brother and his wife, then we are all driving to Galvaston from there house and cruise from Galvaston. :grin:
  5. Welcome mrs Hoot! Just joined here myself, very friendly group here. :cheesy:
  6. 53. your affraid your tv at home would miss you...
  7. is there anyone going to west carribean on conquest march 4th?
  8. how can i get the countdown to cruz ticker at bottom of my member profile like alot of you have on here?
  9. How about alcohol? bit pricey on ships i hear what about sneakin a couple of bottles onboard in luggage? anyone tried this do they take it when boarding?
  10. Thanks to all of You, I feel very welcomed!! :wink:
  11. Thank you all for your comments, me and my wife have 5 children oldest 15,youngest 3. we live in utah, we have talked about a cruise for years we finally are going to do it and i kind of always thought from what i heard from other cruisers, that i would be addicted after we went which is fine with me. once again thanks for the comment and still any info you would like to share with me on experiences we should have or something we should try on our first cruise i would love to hear and if you see this gregswife i would love her number at carnival. thanks all
  12. hello all, most stories I have read on here have sounded great and fun, but i am a first time cruiser and any help with advice on cruises for best deals or experiences i should try. Me and my wife would love to hear any comments and suggestions before we plan to much. We are planning to go to west carribean in march 2007 all comments are welcomed. thank you
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