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  1. I appreciate it! I have read some unflattering things about her on other boards. I usually wait until I board to form an opinion but this cruise is a little more stressful because not only of the all the firsts (first cruise over 7 days more or less the first time in Oz/New Zealand, etc) but because of the main reason we are going (to scatter Mom's ashes). So anything that might be able to lessen my trepidation is greatly appreciated! Andy P.S. Since I mentioned it does anyone know who I would contact in Oz (Tasmania) to find the rules governing this, Thanks again
  2. Well I guess it's just gonna be my wife and me......whatever will we do on that "great big ship" all by ourselves? I guess we still have about 419 days for some people to join us......SO COME ON PEOPLE!!!
  3. Keith & Rita, Wish I could. but alas & alack; alas I can't because alack of cash! Every time I've been here y'll going somewhere else....so where's next for you? If you decide Austrailia....come on along! Andy
  4. Hey all, Just figured I'd stop by and see if there was anyone out there that's as obssesed as I am! My Wife and I are Planning a once in a lifetime cruise to Austrailia/New Zealand.....anybody with us? The More the merrier ....come one come all anybody? anybody? Andy
  5. Hey SMB, Where in Atlanta are you...I'm in Lawrenceville! On a sadder note for the time being I need to cancel this cruise but thanks for the advice because when I eventually do go....I will remember the great suggestions. Andy
  6. Just thought I'd see if anyone has decided to come along Andy
  7. Hey all, I was wondering; I need as many resources as I can get,from as many people as I can get, before my stay in rome (citavecchia). Ideas of questions I have are is it cheaper to stay in rome. tour there (2 days) then pay for a cab to the ship (which I understand is about 45 min away) or should I stay in Citavecchia and travel to rome to tour then go back and board the ship easily (so to speak) Some names of tour guides (would be nice)? Hotels? I already have a few resources but I also want to here about experiences....Please I need some help! Thanks, Andy
  8. Title<] :: 04-28-07 Author<] :: ANJAN Category<] :: Crown Princess Information<] :: [*]Well worth the time and effort....great cruise but it could have been better Description<] :: Southern Caribbean To start with I had read many many reviews of the Crown Princess and was still totally surprised! First to give you some background My wife(50's) and I (almost 50) are experienced cruisers (11 and 7 respectively) as a matter of fact we took the original Crown Princess to Alaska for our Honeymoon....Completely different. My wife and I are from Atlanta; we booked our own air, first to Orlando then to San Juan (we booked through Spirit air both times, which was great) We spent our night before the cruise in Orlando at the amerisuites....don't do it, we shouldn't have done it but hindsite is 20/20. Then on the 28th we flew to San Juan, I was in a w/c so we boarded quickly without incident. The Ship is Gorgeous! I don't think there are enough adjectives to describe this vessel...the pictures floating (yes pun intended) around the web don't do it justice as you were walking around the ship it felt as though you were walking into several different resorts! The ship is massive...we never saw the whole ship during the week, unless you count the outside..which seemed to go on for blocks. Our cabin was an inside cabin, it looked larger than it was, the bathroom was a disappointment for a ship this large you think they might have sprung for a bigger shower! The shower was small and hard to navigate, I guess the extra space went to the closet which was large and easily navigable.The bed was another disappointment I felt that goldilocks never would have slept there (too Hard!) but I'm sure Washington did; the mattress felt as though it was made in 1776! We had anytime dining; we didn't request this but due to a mistake by my travel agent...that's what we got and we were pleseantly surprised! We had had the freestyle dining thru NCL when we cruised with them and it was a nightmare.....Princess seems to have the know how to make things work the way they are designed to work! Service in both anytime dining areas was superb! We ate in whichever one was closest at the time we decided we were hungry and nevr missed out on superb service....the food I must say was also a surprise. The best way to put it is the ship and food are mismatched..... A ship of this magnitude and grandeur should have service and food that one would find in only the finest retaurants, the service not only lived up to this standard but on occasions surpassed it! Sadly the food fell short the majority of times with the exceptions being the Lamb, veal and pumpkin soup. My wife doesn't like Lamb or Veal so...... you can fill in the blanks. As dfar as the entertainment goes we saw one show in the princess theater (motown show) and that was pretty good. The other entertainment in the lounges tended to be not that good(my wife commented that perhaps the lounge acts weere discovered during amateur kareoke night) The Ports were fantastic! We did only two tours provided by the ship the atlantis submarine in St Thomas and the Mangrove by skiff in Bonaire...both were great not only did they highlight some of the beauty located on these islands they were also educational (about the environment) The other Islands we arranged our own tours. One word about Grenada...most of the reviews I had read about this Island were negative...We found just the opposite...sure some of the locals are aggressive when it comes to selling stuff but from the reviews I had read I was led to believe these people were worse than the merchants in Jamaica this is not the case as a matter of fact when you said No the first time (a decisive NO) then they left you alone until you walked by them again but at least they take NO for an answer. Disembarkation was a breeze once again I was in a w/c (a little clarification here; I was not in a w/c until right before the cruise and I was because I was unable to walk far or stand for long periods..a condition I hope will be a memory soon a painful one at that) Would I go on Princess again.....YES Would I sail on the Crown again.....YES Would I have anytime dining again.....NO Princess does it well but my wife and I Prefer traditional dining As far as the entertainment I would check out more of it instead of the small sampling we did. Food: I would hope that Princess expands their menus. View Review
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  11. Shari, Of course I will keep you and your mom in my prayers. I hope that things work out for you. I know that sometimes, what a Dr reccomends can almost seem as bad as the thing he is treating, but please believe me it is alot easer to manage your PTT (how long it takes for your blood to clot rather than to treat a pulmonary embolus...but I'm sure your Dr has already told you that. I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you and your mom. God Bless you and your family Andy
  12. Mercedes, Thats cool, I imagine you're looking forward to your cruise as much as I am mine! BTW CONGRATS on 25 years! Andy
  13. Hey all, I know it's early just wondering if anyone is planning on going. I just booked and from the early pics I've seen She's beautiful (the ship that is) We just booked so it's for sure The more the merrier...so come on Andy
  14. Lisa, My wife and I are so sorry to hear of your loss,please accept our condolences. Know that he is in a better place and with all that loved him and all that he loved that preceeded him in his journey. Again; We are sorry for your loss Andy and Jan
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