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  1. Hello and welcome to the NEW CruiseCrazies!

  2. John..the bus from the airport to the ship using Mears is now $35 a person (I actually Meet & Greet people at the airport and put them on the bus). I do believe you can get a better price though through Arts or even a taxi one way would only cost you around $100.
  3. Lilrosie, sorry for posting here, but I am still learning this site and could not figure out a way to send an email :-) I read your review on the Inspiration and was wondering if you had any information on Camp Carnival. You stated that your 12 and 14 year old did not have fun. I am taking my 12 year old daughter on her first cruise and was wondering what type of events they had for them. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks Gotta..I did have a blast and can't wait for my next cruise in December. I will surely send in another review for the Inspiration and can only hope it is as wonderful as the Glory! I will be taking my 12 year old DD and 24 year old DS (along with my mom) so I will be able to comment on Camp Carnival, etc.
  5. Elva, my first cruise was on the Glory in Sept 06. It was a 7 days cruise and when we got off, I think it took me 5 days to feel normal again. I actually had to take naps for 2 days as I felt seasick getting off, which was weird because I never got seasick on the ship! Hope you are feeling better!
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind responses! I am definately hooked since going on the Glory! I booked my next cruise within 24 hours of getting off and then booked another one within a week! I am going on the Inspiration in December and the Legend 9/07, I may just have to book one in between, 9 month's is a long time! I will certainly write a review for each as I used all my information gathered on these site to make my 1st cruise the most memorable :grin:
  7. DolphinFan, Click on the "IMG" button and copy the image there. It should work then. Make sure you have the entire address in the IMG box, for instance, "http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.com" Got it!!! Thanks!!
  8. Well Jeff..I have been a Dolphin Fan all my life and raised a Buc's Fan..lord knows how THAT happened! lol
  9. Dolphins_logo.gif Seeing if this works!
  10. Thank you Mebert! I noticed you were on the Legend in August. We will be going on it in Sept. 07, any insider information you can tell us about it would be appreciated!
  11. Thank you for the information!
  12. I started a new forum called Cozumel Attractions. I have been doing some research and Paradise Beach sounds nice. We had thought about renting as car, but I have read some horror stories and not sure I want to take the chance with my kids and mom in the car!
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