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  1. Hi, We are booked on Fascination on April 11 out of Jacksonville.We want to do the Blue Lagoon Beach Day on Nassau.I think we are going to book online with Dolphin Encounters.We have to get our transportation to the Ferry.Anyone know how much that will cost?It`s been a few years since we cruised but the excursion prices on the ship are awful.This company seems to have a good reputation.Also in Key West we are going into town and ride the Conch Train.They have a ticket booth on Front St.Can we walk from the ship into the city to book this.On ship they charge for children and on the Conch Train site it says kids under 12 ride free.I don`t have a lot of money to spend this time.Thanks for your help!
  2. We loved Passion Island in Cozumel.The beach is beautiful and the lunch is just great.They also have an open bar.They serve an orange drink that I think they called Passion Island Drink that is wonderful.I would love to know how to make that drink.I hope we can go back this fall and I am going to find out.It had a taste sort of like Tang.If anyone knows the ingredients please tell me. Vicky
  3. I will be looking for that.What a good idea!I wish I could book before the first of the year.Christmas is getting all of my extra money now.Did you see the movie Christmas with the Kranks?I feel just like that.I want to run away one Christmas too.I would just have to carry Victoria`s Santa Clause stuff with us.I think that would be very magical for her too,To figure out how he got way out there to bring her presents.I am just ready to get away! Vicky
  4. Hi, We will probably book a cruise out of New Orleans.Is there a hotel that you can stay the night before and leave your car there and then shuttle to the port?I have found out this works out great and cheaper than leaving our car at the port or airport.I just can`t wait until I able to book.Got to wait till after Christmas to start saving for deposit! Thanks, Vicky
  5. Speaking of cows.We had a herd of cows that stopped our tour bus on Grand Cayman.I wouldn't have thought that would happen there but it did.We did the stingray tour but just booked it from the ship(Inspiration).We really enjoyed it after my husband talked me in to getting into the water.After the Steve Irwin death,you couldn't pay me to do it again.Just call me CHICKEN!I am more of an onlooker.My husband climbed the Falls in Ocho Rios and I just took pictures.I am not very adventurous,but I have a wonderful time watching everyone else. Vicky :wink:
  6. Well I lived in Mississippi for 38 years and Alabama for 9 years.It had no problem figuring mine out.THE SOUTH!Our daughter is from China and everyone says it sounds so funny to hear that Southern Drawl coming from her mouth. Vicky
  7. My name is Vicky and I worked in a copper plant for 13 years.That is where the vcop came from.My dad was a cop for a long time and my brother and sister-n-law are also cops.The plant I worked at closed down about 6 weeks after we came home from China with our daughter.I decided to stay home with her so now I am a licensed home daycare provider.I have six 2,3 and 4 year olds.Somedays I think the copper plant was easier!I am glad I can stay home with her though. Vicky
  8. Hey everybody I need some ideas.The last two trips we made to the Dominican Republic we made up gift bags for the workers at the resort.We carried the items and made them up in our spare time.We carried toys,dolls,school supplies,candy,makeup items,baseball cards,perfume,and lots more I can't think of now.We want to do the same thing on our cruise when we go.Would these items be OK or can you think of other things to add.We also carried some over the counter meds.?Do you know if toothpaste etc. is supplied for them or do they have to buy that?We also tip so this is just extras maybe for the ones doing jobs that are overlooked.I know the ones probably cleaning and polishing get little appreciation for the job they do.My husband got up early one morning and gave tshirts to the workers who were cleaning seaweed off the beach.He said they were so excited that someone thought of them.These are the people we want to make up the bags for.Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  9. For those of you who have cruised Carnival and Royal Caribbean,what is the biggest difference.My brother has always used Carnival but he booked a Royal Caribbean cruise in January out of New Orleans.I can't wait for him to go and get back so he can tell me about it.
  10. Thanks everyone.I feel very welcome here.We have tried the dramamine but not the Bonine.Our pediatrician even gave us the phenergen gel to rub on her wrist.It knocks her out but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.I know she will love a cruise.You couldn't ask for a better child to travel with.She loves vacation.I wish we could afford a Disney cruise but they are too expensive.With Carnival we can drive to Mobile or New Orleans.I think I am really wanting to do the Triumph cruise next November that goes to Belize.We havent been there and my inlaws haven't been on one of the big Carnival Ships.Decisions!Decisions!I drive my husband crazy every year until I get something booked.He gets to the point where he doesn't care where we go .JUST BOOK SOMETHING!!! I know he loves these forums because I can talk to someone besides him.
  11. Hi, I`m Vicky from Alabama.My husband and I have been on several cruises.We adopted our daughter from China 3 years ago asnd she justed turned 4.She really gets carsick so we didn`t know about the cruising.She does just fine flying so I think we are going to try it.She loves to travel even with the carsickness.I wouldn`t want to go anywhere if I was in her place.We have flown to the Dominican Republic twice since we got her.Has anyone had kids to get carsick but not seasick?I have talked to a couple of adults that get carsick but do fine on the ship.Thanks for your help!
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