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  1. I exchanged a couple dollars for some peso's while in mexico. I left the peso's on the counter in the cabin and the room steward took them. I did not make any effort to get them back. I figured he thought I was leaving them for a tip. I should have known better. But heck it was 2 dollars...I am going back in 10 weeks to find my peso's...lol.
  2. I would like to thank you for taking the time to write this long story. I enjoyed reading it and I realize it took alot of your time to do this for us.
  3. One of ships had to practice the turnaround manuever while at sea as a practice exercise, but no body has ever fell off the ship. I have got to wonder about these people who fall off the cruise ship. I think there has to be some foul play involved. You just dont fall off the ship.
  4. having seconds and thirds of your favorite food..........dare I go back thru the line one more time
  5. My heart beat faster as the ship came into view I could harldly contain my excitement until I seen the 2 hour line that awaited me.
  6. Dont forget us lower class passengers still stuck in the interior cabins..lol.
  7. Okay, each player can write only one sentence. The same poster can not write two consecutive sentences. We must wait until a new poster writes the next sentence. So I will start this off. It was a perfect day while I drove to the terminal.
  8. every port an adventure.......eating food 24/7 Ever have one end with a number....grin.
  9. I like the overall atmosphere of the cruise. It seems everyone is there for the same reaon. Just to have fun..
  10. Well we live a hour drive from the casinos in MS. We will visit them about once a year, so after starting this thread I decided to make my annual trip. I took 50 dollars to gamble with and ended up loosing 15 dollars. I just could not force myself to give my money away. We opted to eat a nice meal and went home..So overall we had a nice little afternoon outing. I may do more gaming on the ship, but I really want to take in the free gambling lessons dealing with the craps table.
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