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  1. I'm looking forward to sailing Enchantment, I've sailed Grandeur numerous times out of Baltimore and it's a truly nice port. I personally wouldn't sail from there in Winter unless the price is right. Airline fares to Florida are too low to sail from somewhere freezing cold. In addition to Enchantment year round, and Carnival, Celebrity's Mercury is going to be sailing from Baltimore and Charleston, SC.
  2. I'll be sailing on Freedom May 24, looking forward to it. I love P'Can, to begin with and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise I did on Mariner, so I expect that Freedom will be just as nice, or even better than Mariner.
  3. Hi folks, My wife and I are sailing Radiance for the first time March 17, 2007. We've never sailed out of Fort Lauderdale/Port Everglades before either. Looking very forward to it. We've sailed Grandeur of the Seas twice from Baltimore and are booked again this next October (5,2007). We've also sailed Mariner once and enjoyed that ship very much. We're going to fly down on the 16th to Sanford (Orlando's other airport) non-stop from Youngstown, OH, rent a car and drive the rest of the way to Homestead, where we'll stay the night on the Air Reserve Base. We plan to board around 10:00 or 11:00, we like to get there early so we can explore. If anyone else is going, would love to chat. Thanks for looking. Later cruisers, Herb
  4. Hmm, I started cruising on my Rich Uncle Sammy's all expeses paid line as a youngster in 1989. After I joined the ranks of the Mature and retired from that life in 2004, my lovely bride and I decided to try a cruise from Baltimore in 2005, and I dreaded it. I was practically furious by the time we got onboard and got to our stateroom. We had booked a 7th deck balcony on Grandeur for 9 nights and I just thought I was going to hate it. We spent about 20 minutes trying to get into our room, 2 trips to the Purser's desk before we realized I was trying to get into someone elses room! The upgrade fairy had visited and we all dropped the ball, I was supposed to be in an 8th deck JS, things were starting to look up. By the time I was done with dinner that first night, I was pretty relaxed. Crashed early that night to the gentle rocking of the sea, and after 11 hours, when I woke up and finished breakfast, I was hooked. It's all over now, we have to have at least two cruises booked, just to feel safe. I even bought a copy of RCL's TA guidebook on EBay. This addiction I can live with, though. Happy sailing.
  5. I have 3 cruises, 2 booked and all RCL. I used AAA for my first and third cruises, Cruises Only for my second. Now, I know better, I book onboard to get the OBC, then transfer to an agent through the VA for veterans that offers a 5% OBC. Couple that with the stock owners OBC and I have a few bucks to spend as soon as I arrive onboard. This works for me.
  6. First post, and I'd want to be the Chief Engineer.
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