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  1. If you are going on May 20th, would you please post it here, otherwise I will go get it also. Thanks!!!
  2. You may want to wear your bathing suit with a coverall of some type over it. This photo may be helpful. Have a great time. Thanks for the photo, what a big help and for all the other reponses from everyone else. We will probably do the Dunn's Falls last. Again thatnks!!!!
  3. We will be going to Ocho Rios our Western Caribbean cruise on the RCCL. WHAT do we wear to the Falls. I know people have told me to wear your swim suits, but what do you wear to the falls? I don't want to to go just in my suit. I know that this might be a silly question, but hey I have never been there. Thanks !!!
  4. I had always heard that the Carnival was a "party" ship, but the excursions???? WOW that blows my mind. Like you, we want to snorkel (of course in clear waters) and then party afterwards. I can't believe (but I do beleive what you just wrote) that the excursions people could be so careless and letting people drink then dive. Thanks for the input on that. We are booking throught the RCL, and in our DOCS it says crystal clear waters. I am one that I don't mind paying extra, but I better receive what I pay for, nothing less!! Again Thanks a Bunch!!!
  5. Can anyone shed some light on the Catamaran sail & snorkel in Cozumel. After the snorkel it says complimentary drinks (beer,margaritas) and music. Ok, is it one drink each and what is the "Fun" Music? Oldies/Rock/Country or all? Never been on one and am going on the Mariner May 20th 7 night. Any one with any insight on this, would be helpful to us. Thanks
  6. I did call RC and thew lady I talked to said they were staring something new, and that I was her "first customer" She told me of an early departure where you can have your luggage over night, and around 7:30 the next morning your luggage will be taken and it will go right to the airport to your airlines, and will be checked, so that way if you want to do a land excusion you don't have to worry about your luggage. One problem, the only airlines that are doing this right now are United and American Airlines. She did tell me that I could keep checking to see if the airlines we are using (Southwest) has been added. She also said that when you do your check in on-line there is a place for express departure. If your airlines does not partake in this you can still do an express departure taking your luggage with you. I hope this info helps others.
  7. Thanks to both of you, I think I will contact RC to see what they have to say.
  8. Thanks to everyone for their comments, it does seem like a fun excursion. Can't wait until we are there!!
  9. Has anyone ever carried their own luggage off the ship? We will be on the Mariner leaving on May 20th. Our flights are early evening flights, so we will probably be the last ones to get off the ship. we really wanted to get back to Orlando and maybe do universal studios. We are thinking renting a van, because there are 4 adults so we will have place for out luggage. So, with that said, like the queation above, will it take long to get off the ship if we do our own luggage thing, so we can be on one of the first buses to leave for Orlando. Thanks
  10. We are planning an excursion to Dunns Falls, could someone help me out on what to wear, clothes/shoewear. Never been so we want to go prepared. We are crusing on the Mariner on May 20th.
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    Thanks for the insight!!!! I hope to enjoy every bit of that 7 night cruise.
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    Our 1st cruise was really nice. It was one the Disney Wonder. My sister and I qualified to win a trip for 4 on a radio station and agreed if either of us won we would take each other. She won and we went on a 4-night cuise, FREE. That ship is sooooooooo clean, I am just hoping that the Mariner is as clean and spotless. Being our 1st cruise, and only stopping at Nassua and Castaway Cay, we just sort of went with the flow, but we did enjoy ourselves.
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    Well, we are cruising with RCL and it is Mariner of the Seas, I will take one of the shoe holders to hang in the closet if there is not enough room, who knows how many shoes I will take. Good thing I have small feet. Thanks for the reply!
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    Thanks for the welcome, I will go to the calendar soon.
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    I need some help here. We are going on our 2nd cruise and we have booked the JS. For the ones that have been in a JS, how big are the closets? Is there plenty of room for the shoes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks dmd
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