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  1. Well folks it's my last day in my old boring office job!! My desk is decorated with balloons & banners & there are pictures of cruise ships everywhere!!! only 1 week to go now. Love Linz x
  2. Hi again everyone just wanted to add to this!! My name's Linzi I'm 23 from Glasgow in Scotland. Have never been on a Cruise before But I am due to start work on the Diamond Princess in the shops on 10/02/2007 so registered here to ask for some advice & everyone has been fab!!! I'll be posting on here when I'm away to keep you all upto date on how I'm getting on & you never know one day i might just be able to join you in giving advice to more newbies like myself. Love Linz xxx
  3. I'm soooooooo happy I found this site it is by far the best I have seen! I've been made to feel so welcome already. Thanks Linz xxx
  4. I fly out to Los Angeles on 09/02/2007 & stay overnight. Meet the Diamond Princess on 10/02/2007. Soooooo excited now!!!
  5. Hi Zebra I'm from Scotland. Linz x
  6. Hi well I've never been at sea but always wanted to travel, my friend has worked on the Ships before & had a fab time so I thought i would just go for it. Princess advise you that you could work for seven days a week for an average of 11 hours a day. When we went for the interview they did advise us that when this ship is in port we will have time off so we can go ashore & do all the touristy stuff aswell. I'll defo keep posting on here to let everyone know how it is to be a Shoppie. Bye L
  7. Well my contract runs for 6 Months but it does vary depending on your job.
  8. I'll be working in the Boutiques. This will also be my first time on a cruise ship so i'm really excited. thanks Linz
  9. Oh this has really cheered up my day this story!!! thanks!
  10. Hi CruiseCrazies!!! Just registered today so Hi everyone!!! I'm due to start work on the Diamond Princess in 2 weeks & was wondering if anyone has any tips for me? I'm really looking forward to it but now the nerves are starting to show!! any info would be greatly appreciated. bye Linz
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