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  1. I think everyone has loaded up their plates and then find they cannot finish it all. We are only human. I also take a small sampling of everything and go back and get my favourites on the 2nd go around. I do find that if I don't take any bread/rolls, --it makes more room in my tummy. I also find that once I start feeling full, I eat a leafy salad and for some strange reason-- I do not feel as full. My friend who is french says they do that all the time. Not sure what it is about eating a leafy salad that makes you feel not as bloated.
  2. Since I have only been on one cruise and we had anytime dining, all our tablemates were pleasant. But I have had the experience with a "know it all" on land when we go camping. It is such a turnoff to hear this know it all tell you stories of how they saved the planet, they know everyone that is important, they know how to build everything and start using all these technical terms, etc. Luckily for me, I can walk away to my trailer and get another drink, check on my kids, etc. But if this should happen to me on a cruise, I would definitely request to change tables as you paid alot of money to get away and have a good time.
  3. Why would someone reserve a chair with a piece of fruit? Where are they when they are not in the chair? Are they swimming? or are their friends reserving it for them and hope they show up eventually? I think that is rather rude and I am glad the RC employee removed the towels and fruit.
  4. Sounds like it will be alot of fun with your friends joining you. I would love to hear about the cruise when you are back. How many places will you be stopping at?
  5. We ordered room service once for an afternoon snack and in came within the time it stated. It was good as well. I say definitely try it at least once.
  6. I was just on a Princess Cruise in February and ended up buying some raspberry rum while I was at the Bacardi Factory in Puerto Rico before the cruise started. They wrapped my bottle in bubble wrap and I stuffed it in my suitcase and had no problems. I didn't drink it on the ship as I wanted to bring it home and let my friends try it.
  7. By the time the new ships are built my kids will be too old to enjoy it unless they actually add a disney type amusement ride on the boat. Wouldn't that be great.
  8. That is a very large ship. It sounds more like you can live on there for at least a couple of months. I don't quite get the concept of the hotels in the ship. This is probably suited for travelling around the world between the different countries.
  9. WOW what will they think of next. I would love to book a cruise on this with the kids--there seems to be lots for everyone to do. Heck, why even go to port when you can have fun trying all the different activities out on board.
  10. I just got back from a cruise on the Crown Princess and I did not have a problem with being offered traditional seating. I booked the cruise in Sept. 2006 and was given the later seating time of 8:15 p.m. but I found it too late to have a huge meal all the time so my travel agent waitlisted me for the earlier seating but we were 176th on the waitlist. Since I get cranky if I don't eat, I switched to the anytime dining option and it worked for us. We were able to go to either the Da Vinci or Michaelangelo restraunt between 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. Once at the restarunts we were given the option to share with others which we did and also to sit alone which we also did but we got chatty with the other couples beside us. So for me, the anytime dining worked great as the food comes faster.
  11. I am glad there is a happy ending to this story but I am a little puzzled. Our ship the Crown Princess was tied up beside the Carnival Valor (I doubled checked my pictures) and she must have really overstayed in St. Maarten because our ship left shortly after 6 p.m. There were tons of people still boarding the Carnival and then there was excitement at the dock, I couldn't see anything from our balcony but all I heard was a lot of yelling and someone from the Carnival running over to our boat with a life ring. We couldn't tell if someone fell off the dock or not. Luckily I was able to yell over to a Carnival passenger on their balcony and she said we had a dolphin stuck between the ship and the dock. Soon after there were cheers from the passengers on the Valor -- the dolphin was freed. We were the first ship to pull out to loads of cheers and waves from the Valor (they were a lively bunch).
  12. Hello everyone, I have just returned from my cruise on the Crown Princess. We sailed from San Juan, Puerto Rico and went to Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. My husband and I had a fabulous time and now we are hooked. We want to go on another cruise immediately. I have posted my cruise review and hope you enjoy it. I also wanted to say that the best packing tip I got from your packing list was purchasing a plastic shoe bag holder. I hung it in our open space closet and I put all our tour tickets, highlighters, important papers we got and our cruise card in it. It sure saved us alot of headaches not searching for things the last minute. Thank you.
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  14. Click here to view the cruise review
  15. My husband and I will be in San Juan for a day and a half before our cruise takes off this week. What have you done that was fun? How is the shopping there? What do the locals specialize in making to sell?? What are their beaches like? I know we would like to check out the Bacardi Rum Factory. Has anyone done that before? Does anyone know if there are internet cafes there or a place that sells long distance phone cards? Thank you.
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