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  1. We're having a little get together at our daughters house. Any excuse to see the grandbabies is alright by me, even if it does mean turning another year older...LOL
  2. Thank you all for the kind and heartfelt well wishes. It's so wonderful to share such major milestones with you all and makes them that much more special.
  3. Thanks Howard We also found out today that our daughter will be having a baby girl in December (they have twin boys) so we have many things to celebrate! Not to mention that yours truly is hitting the big 50 on Sunday
  4. Hey kim!! Congratulations on the wedding!! Looking forward to meeting you and Eddie too!! Thanks Joey
  5. Hey Everyone! Been away from the boards for awhile and really happy to see how busy they've been DS got married so now for me at least, the official countdown can begin. Joey, the best thing I like about the Connie is her decor and how classy she feels. However even that will be overshadowed greatly by being able to finally meet all of you wonderful cruise crazies. Kim
  6. Thanks for the holiday greeting. Wishing everybody else the same
  7. Welcome Back...... Welcome back...sounds like you had a wonderful time with fantastic weather!
  8. DH and I stayed at Amerisuites (now Hyatt) that was very reasonably priced and offered free shuttle service to the port and from the airport as well as a wonderful full breakfast. It is 2 miles from the airport and 1/2 mile from Port Everglades. Just thought I mention it in case anyone was interested in checking it out.
  9. Wishing a Happy Fathers to all the Dads out there! Enjoy the day.
  10. aint that the truth.... meet you after muster drill!! We'll be there with bells on and a frozen umbrella drink in each hand...LOL
  11. ok LOL we talking about the same place.... All this talk of where to stay makes me want to pack up and go right now! Finally got a nice break from the heat wave today and as a special bonus, not a cloud in sight Joey.....yet another new avatar....very dapper indeed Have a great evening everyone!
  12. Question....Am I considered an official part of the group since I'm not booked with JohnG and am I still able to book the above hotel if we decide to do so?
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