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  1. Sending out a big Hello to ya! :D

  2. CanadianCruiser, welcome back aboard the CruiseCrazies ship!

  3. Great Review so far, Can't wait to read more
  4. I sailed the Vlaor and the western Itinerary Jan 2007.... It was awesome..... What shore tours are you taking ?
  5. Congrats..... Cruise Crazies Rose did you have the 250,000 post ?
  6. Maybe Jason can post a copy of it here... I went to thier website to see if it was downloaded and it isnt...
  7. Speaking of sweatshirts..... I think mine should be in the mail....lol
  8. I ike Black and decker.... lol Good Morning everyone.....
  9. Oh definately, with all the new comers.....
  10. Carnival has driven me to drink..more.....
  11. Chuck is taking me to his local dinner..... I told him they wont know what hit them when this city girl walks in.... I need to get myself a lumber jacket before I fly out.... lol....
  12. ROTFLMAO Did you get your hotel confirmation form me Frank ? Is Tink sharing a room with you and Deb? Otherwise I hear she is sleeping in the van...lol
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