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  1. OK I'm back again.... Let me go ahead & add some more to this review... The first day most of the group showed up on a bus that Sharon had rented for the group staying at the $2 hotel they got. Found an internet mistake & they up-held it at the $2 rate! From what I hear the group rolled in in style! Everyone pouring off that bus in Black Troublemaker shirts some wearing hats. I hear that one of the Carnival reps liked the shirt & asked how they could get one. Well the group said talk to Chuck. She went up to Lisa's husband & asked if he was Chuck. No he said but gave her the shirt off his back....lol Next thing you know we have a topless Troublemaker in the terminal....lol Well the Carnival rep opened up the VIP lane for them & they were on the ship in a flash. By 11am they had the bar on Lido deck open and flowing.....lol I in the mean time was picking up my step-son at the airport. His flight did not get in till 12. We picked him up & off we went to the ship! We pulled up in a limo & the lines were long. Next thing you know these baggage guys come out take our stuff & put us thru this gate that put us right in the terminal!!! Wahoo no waiting in those long lines outside!!! Felt like royality we did.... Everyone was trying to figure out who it was in that limo that went right into the terminal...lol We went right to our cabin & droped off our things, then headed out on to the lido deck to find the group! Found most of them & had a few drinks before muster drill. Then the party really kicked into gear as we left port!!! I was running around trying to put faces to all of these names I had been seeing for the last year! Kinda hard to remember everyone's faces to the name while drinking....lol I did get to met everyone I think that first day. First sea day, room service shows up just like I like it...lol Have my coffee out on the balcony & wake up. Jump in the shower, change & head up to Lido deck to see who I can find. A few did not make it to the first diner (tipsy) so I thought I would see who was out & about. Sure enough I find a few with an area staked out well lets just say I don't think anyone else wanted in the middle of this group....lol We got out our flag & flew it from the railing on lido deck so the others would know where we were, like that was hard to not spot....lol I guess several went to the back lido & hung out there. That is a non-smoking pool. Knowing that the next day was a port day but not untill 5pm most folks partyed hard this first sea day... 2nd day PR 5pm. I slept in this day as I did not get to bed till early in the morning 4am. Did not drink this day as I had enough left in me I think from the previous day....lol We were doing segways this day in port so I let the folks doing this to not be intoxicated for this or they would not be allowed to ride them. I did this excursion with Sharon & Phil, Ron & Marth... We had a blast & another group was right behind us after we were done so several folks got to do this. Everyone enjoyed this, you were like a celiberty as everyone was taking our pictures. We heard lots of folks who were walking saying that is what they should have done. We covered alot of ground in about a 1/4th the time it would have taken to walk it. If you go to PR check out the segways! 3rd day St. Thomas All I can say to add to this one is Coral World is amazing. We got there in time for the shark feeding. This was great to hear about the different types of sharks & then to get to pet a baby shark. My wife & son went into the bird cage & fed the tropical birds nectar. They had several tropical birds feeding right out of their hands. There is an underwater obsivertory on the premisses which was awesome from what I hear. I did not want to walk down & up the stairs to go see it but the family did. This was a very cool place to spend time, plan on more than an hour if you go though. Opps got to run I'll be back later with more....
  2. Hello Yes Joey is right there is a little spot that serves sandwiches & such along with your favorite beverage....lol Megan's Bay does have a cover charge for locals & tourists. I beleive it was $4 when we were there in Feb. It could be more during peak seasons. They also have people servising the beach with orders so you don't even have to leave your seat! The sand is nice & white & the water is clear & calm as it is in a great bay! Snorkeling is not the best here but there is plenty to see in the water! If you want to snorkel I would sugest the beach next to Coral World!!! Coral world is a must if you like that kinda stuff! We did & could have stayed there for a few more hours! There is places to eat there too! Enjoy Chuck
  3. Thank You all very much!!! I have started a review over in the review area! I will have to get back to it as I am trying to get caught up here at work....lol Once again Thank You all!!!!
  4. Title :: 2/2/08 Author :: Chucksta63 Category :: Carnival Liberty Information :: Awesome Superbowl Cruise! 8 Days & 5 Ports it was great! St. Thomas's Coral World is a must! Then off to Megan's Bay for great swiming! Antiqua is breath taking! We took a Cat snorkle & swim tour! Great Rum Punch! PR is so full of History do it on a segway! Description :: Eastern Caribbean Well what can I say but the Troublemakers rocked the high seas! This was an 8 day cruise to St. Thomas, PR, Antigua, Tortola & Nassau. We had great weather this week as it was chilly last week, (I was on a cruise the week before). Day one... We all met up on the aft deck for a sail away party! There must have been 70 Black shirt wearing Troublemakers up there! What a sail-a-way party it was! Lots of good time had & plenty of booze was a flowing! The next day was a sea day & Superbowl Sunday! Alot of us hung out on Lido Deck soaking up the booze I mean sun & getting a sopt infront of the wide screen on the ship! This was Formal night & I missed it to watch the superbowl game on the lido deck. Now remember I had just done a week before & went to all the diners....lol. I was selling hats (Patroits) for buckets of beer or a rasberry drinkie for the wife. Oh yea she sat there & watched it too!!! My team lost & I gave my bottle of Champagine to a fan of the Giants. I then proceeded to go off & drown my sorrows at the bars....lol I ended up finding one of the crew & we shut down the bars. The next day was PR & we did not get in till 5pm so it was like a sea day again....lol Well we got a bit loud & security was called...opps... Sorry folks.... First port of call PR.... I was here just the week before & had done the segway tour of the forts & just had to do it again! This time a bunch of the group went to do it. It was evening so the forts were closed but what a way to see PR! I finished my tour & had to go back to the ship to get my other glasses as the sun was fully gone now. A bunch went out to Senior Frogs & had a blast. I was a bit boozed out so I did not go. The next day was St. Thomas! I took my family on the Coral World excursion. This was awesome & I only wish we could have spent more time here! Then it was off to Megan's Bay for a bit of swimming! What a great beach! We spent an hour & 1/2 swimming there. Then we took off for a bit of sight seeing! Great views from the top of St. Thomas!!!! Next day was Antiqua!!! We did a CAT snorkle & private beach excursion... Wow I would do this again in a heart beat! It was so beatiful there!!! Oh yea they gave you free rum punch on the way after snorkeling... They forgot to tell you it was 151 rum punch....OMG... Well needless to say everyone was feeling no pain when we made it back to the dock.....lol This little rum experence flowed into the evening & I got a bit snockered that night. Well the next day was Tortula & I did not make it off the ship as I slept in that day. It was ok though as the ship was empty & I had free roam of the ship.... You have just got to experence a port day on the ship! Got to run I'll post more later! View Review
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  7. Morning On my way back to work... Have a good day...
  8. Arrr Afternoon folks! Wicked Busy this Friday! IT was 26 deg this morning! I am getting calls all day for sweatshirts...lol Now the Mtns. around here are gearing up for the season! I have Cannon Mtn. stuff to do for Monday! They just droped it off today! Guess I am working this weekend!
  9. Actually I am awaiting your address to ship to. Your TA did not let me in on that little bit of info.....lol
  10. You might be right ....do we still have hotel rooms......how do we check on them.....how early can we check into them..... Your T/A said the "info will be sent to you" a couple of weeks ago. Put the whip to her boys!
  11. Question of the day! Where is the place you would really like to cruise to that you have not been?
  12. Arrrr and a plank spank....lol See what happens when kids grow up.....I refuse to grow up....
  13. Arrr mornin Iron Jack I see your all fit to be tied again....lol...nice avatar
  14. Well bottom line it is not going to ruin my cruise! Screw'em...Juat watch how much I drink at that open bar party....lol I'll be ordering doubles & triple shots & pouring them into my flask...arrrr...that'll show em...lol Don't think that head matrade' is going to get an envelope this cruise....lol
  15. I did not forget about them but my partner did....coors lite.....lol
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