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  1. I've been to both islands a couple of times. Both islands are great and have their own wonderful features. Kauai is quieter than Maui. But it's a tad prettier. I would say if you want any night life to go to Maui. If you're going for the most tranquil and relaxing I would pick Kauai. Optimal choice would be to make sure you visit both at some point. The big island is also very cool to explore. But the beaches there aren't as plentiful. I would never recommend a week on Oahu. Oahu is very crowded and commercialized. BUT....there are some things that are a must-do on Oahu. So I always advise friends that are making a first trip to the islands to do Oahu for a couple of days.....then move to one of the other islands. Just my two cents.....
  2. scary avatar Frank!! leading......
  3. You guys never PalTalk with Smoo anymore!!! Every time I get on nobody's there!
  4. a my brain hurts kinda lead....
  5. I do, I do!!! My husband's sister will be here from Florida. On Saturday we are going up to my mom's. She lives up in the mountain's about 45 minutes from me. Every year her church has this dinner where the men do all the decorating, cooking, serving of a very fancy meal and then put on an entertaining show afterwards. So us women laze around the hot springs pool all afternoon, then get all dressed up and be served a fancy dinner that we didn't have to cook and don't have to clean up after!!! So I'm taking my sis-in-law so she can have her brother wait on us hand and foot! Then on Monday it's Veteran's Day. I come from a small town where this is a big deal. We'll have a HUGE parade Monday morning. Then go out to lunch. Then we all go to the stadium for band-a-rama. That's where junior high and high school marching bands come from all over the valley to perform. They parade, then there is a mass band where they all come on the field and play patriotic songs together, then the high school bands perform their field show. It's one of my favorite days of the year!!!
  6. *tooting my own horn* too lazy to go find the diet thread.... I lost 5.5 lbs this week!! Woo hoo!!!
  7. the black part between the skull and the maracas will be gone for the final draft. Don't you love the lime green though?? I think it's very Acapulco looking! And Loco!
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