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  1. It is my understanding that exceptions can be made but that has to be done in advance. Here is some more information: Open Bar and Wine Program includes open bar and wine at all bars (bottled wine service for dinner). Inclusive of Gratuities. Open Bar and Wine Program will include all beers, malt beverages, liquors, sodas, small bottles of water, and non-alcoholic beverages priced at or below $7.50. A selection of fine wines by the glass consisting of sparkling wine, white zinfandel, white wine, and red wine will be offered at all bar locations. All bottled wines served in the main dining room with dinner will be selected at the discretion of Carnival with both red and white wines being offered each night. Open Bar and Wine Program is exclusive of drinks over the price of $7.50; any wine by the glass other than those offered in the program; souvenir glass drinks; bottle sales of liquor, wine and/or champagne; large bottles of natural spring water; in-cabin mini bars and/or any other in-cabin beverage program; beverages or drinks ordered through room service; cigars; cookbooks and/or bar books; coffee and/or food items from the Coffee Shop Café; and any retail purchases or service charges. FULL DETAILS on this program are sent at time of booking.
  2. If you open the picture to the right you will see "Full Size" "Other Sizes" "Full Album" If you click the "Full Size" it will allow you to right click and do a "Save As". The "Other Sizes" will give you the code to post the picture on other sites. Hope this helps.
  3. Thought I should check in and see how everyone is doing. Not much going on here just getting excited about my upcoming trips. I was over on x and saw a thread about Carnival's Open Bar and Wine Program. The cost would be $320 for our 8 day cruise and covers all drinks under $7.95 including beer, wine, mixed drinks, soda, bottled water...... Anyone else interested in doing this? I think you have to have at least 30 people in the group and everyone has to do it. Chuck can you check into this for us? I won't post the link to the tread (Carnival Open Bar and Wine Program) but it is currently on page two of the Carnival board at x.
  4. I'm here.... just now catching up on the last weeks worth of post. Count us in for Vegas. We're only 2.5 hours away and always up for the trip. Do we have any other craps players?
  5. Mack and I are also booked on this cruise, I'm PJ's sister. We are currently booked directly with Carnival but plan to transfer the booking before cruise time. If not we'll just plan to crash ALL of your parties.
  6. I would love to babysit... the only problem is I'm 2500 miles away, they are in Virginia. I have been told that as soon as Brooke is done breastfeeding that I can bring my grandbaby back to California with me for a couple week visit. This being their first I'm not sure it will happen that soon but we will see. I'm sure as he/she gets older they will come visit for the summer.... at least that is my hope.
  7. Morning everyone, thanks for the congrats on being a grandma. It's still hard to believe; I don't feel old enough to have a grandchild. As for pictures, I've gone all digital. In the past I have only printed out a few hard copies but that I'm sure is going to change.
  8. Morning Loco's.... it's been a couple weeks since I checked in and thought I should make sure you all didn't forget about me. I also have some GREAT news to share.... I'm so excited..... I'm going to be a grandma. That's right my only son and his wife just found out they are expecting. She is due February 9, 2008. I will warn you all now I am fanatical about pictures, usually of the pups, but come cruise time I will have almost a years worth of baby pics. Enjoy what is left of the day... catch up with you all later.
  9. Hi Loco's.... Sorry I've been MIA but I think I'm back and able to keep up now. Mack has been back from Egypt for two weeks now and my mother-in-law Patti has been here for a week. She is getting settled here in California and is ready to start some major traveling now that she is retired. Her first trip will be a 2.5 month trek back east visiting friends and family. She also has her first cruise booked for October to Hawaii. It was such a good deal she talked me into joining her. I have not had a chance to read all the post but Pam said something about getting together in Vegas. Someone please fill me in on the details. We are about 2.5 hours away and would love to meet up with everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Cindy
  10. I now have another partner in crime; Patti my mother-in-law. We will be doing Hawaii at the end of October but maybe Mack and I will be ready to cruise Hawaii again in 2010. If anyone is interested there is a GREAT deal on a 10 night on the Pride of Aloha (Oct. 31). We got an OV for $1100 pp and this includes roundtrip air from LAX and all fees. C
  11. WOW,There is 15 couples.We are gonna have some fun,Matey DH is Mack CAT
  12. Good deal.... another morning person. We also get up at 3:30. Mack has to be down the hill by 5am. Most days he is home by 3pm. I also take a nap if I have to be up past 9pm. Well Mack was put on a plane to New York today and after two days of touring the city he will be on a night flight to Cairo. He'll have a few days there before heading to Luxor and then cruise down the Nile. Hope you all are having a great weekend. Catch up with you later. CAT
  13. The "pack" gets along VERY well so that helps. Thank you for the safe travel wishes for Mack. He is going to have such a great time. He was way over due for a REAL vacation. As for my MIL she is a great woman and it will be nice to have her here. It will also allow Mack and I to vacation together again, something we have not been able to do in 3 years. Plus it is only temporary; we will be building her a little house on the back of our property so she will have her own space. I'm sure I'll be around, don't know if I can stay away from the Locos.
  14. I made it.... thanks for the call Chuck. Just what I needed another board to try and keep up with. Between all my cruise, Aruba, and dog boards I won't get anything done. Not sure how much I'll be around the next couple weeks, life is a little crazy with Mack leaving for Egypt tomorrow and preparing the house for my MIL moving in at the end of the month. I've also got a GF staying on the propety with her 2 dogs until the 15th. I am so out numbered; six dogs and not a one of them under 50 lbs. Cindy (AKA) CAT
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