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  1. OK, Here we are! This was taken on the Freedom last year with our son. My hair is a little longer and DH's is a little grayer
  2. Thanx to all. I still have one work day to get thru today and then I am off to New Orleans. Cindy will be leaving this morning and spending a night pre-cruise in N.O. We might have an interesting trip out of New Orleans if TS Jerry developes. No worries! After the cruise we will be spending 3 night post cruise in N.O. This will be my first trip to New Orleans post cruise.
  3. Well gang It looks like I will not be joining you all for the fun and mayhem in Sin City. As much as I wanted to do this trip and meet you all before the troublemakers leave their mark on Mexico, it is not too be. I fell victim to the biggest email scam on the web and now I am broke ... Yes I am talking about the dreaded "cruise deal that can not be missed" That's right RCCL is getting more of my money I have booked the Empress of the Seas for the 11 night Southern Caribbean. They were practically giving this away and with a $100 shipboard credit. Sorry, I will miss all the fun, will there be video for those of us that can't make it Vicky, I visited the new web page today it looks great. You sure have put a lot af work into that. Where do you find the time?[/size]
  4. ditto here too. Those are really nice. I like the cherry blossoms, 3 with the leaves would be very nice for the ankle area.
  5. Is there a link to the Desert Rose. Do they have 2 bedroom suites? I will see if Cindy & Mack will share a suite with Rex and I. I have not given up on this trip yet... even though airfare is $$$
  6. Linda, I'll stick my 2 cents in here too. I do have a small palm tree tatooed on my ankle. The pain really wasn't that bad EXCEPT the closer to the bone the more it hurts. I would advise just above the ankle bone not on it. Nobody gave my this advise and mine starts right on the bone Also I agree with using a local artist... and check them out! Go to the shop a few times. I have always said I want another on my shoulder. I just have not decided what. The tree I designed myself, it is very simple, I even thought about doing shells or something around my ankle but I have nixed that idea. Anyway that is my 2 cents.
  7. Rex and I did Blue Man Group a few years back. It is a must! Just make sure you do "PONCHO SEATS". That is the first 3 or 4 rows. Well worth the extra price.
  8. Same goes here from NoVA. For the price of airfare alone we could go on a 5 night cruise. I will keep an eye on airfares and hope to join you all. I know you all will have a great time
  9. That is correct Cheryl, my DH is Rex. Good memory You did too Chuck remembering all those couples with out your folders.
  10. I go off the boards for a few days and look at the trouble you get in... Really Smoo the Hospital! If you didn't want to work couldn't you have had Chris SAY you were sick. Seriously though , glad you are home and on the mend. Don't over do it though. I know you want chat with us all day long, but we aren't going anywhere so take your time get well and come back often for short visits to start. Here is my iPod you can use while recovering
  11. Jennifer, all you really need to take with you for your travel insurance is the policy # and the telephone # to call if you need assistance. Make sure you read the documents and know your coverage before you sail. Keep the email untill after you return. My last 3 sailings my travel insurance has come in an email. Prior to that they came in the mail and had a wallet sized card with policy # and contact phone # to carry while traveling.
  12. Chuck you are too funny. I just love all the pictures
  13. That's great Chuck. Congrats on the partnership. This can only mean good things for everybody.
  14. Jennifer, I am with you, I never wear a watch and it drives my DH crazy when we vacation. I do sometimes put on on the beach bag. But that's only when I think about it. Which isn't often.
  15. Chuck, Are you installing the windows and doors yourself? We just had all our windows and both sliding doors replaced. I was amazed how fast the install was; 8 over-sized windows of 35 x 70 and 2 sets of sliding doors were installed by a crew of 12 in 4 hours. The workmanship was great and the crew was very professional and respectful. I just love my new windows
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