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  1. We were in MoBay a few years ago and went on the Carnival sponsored horse backing riding tour, had a great time, DH birthday and he had never been on a horse After we returned to the pier we took a taxi and met our friends at Margaritaville, great time there also, and took a water taxi back to ship, which was another party. We've been to Margaritaville's in Key West, Cancun, and New Orleans and this was the best ever. Great waterslide!
  2. According to the letter Chuck posted it says maximum of 70.00 per person, that's to get 5.00 per day per person on all cruises up to 14 days. Carnival doesn't realize how many ways people will make up that 5.00 per day and more because they are unhappy. We could all take their "satisfaction guarantee", and get off the ship in San Juan and make them refund our money and pay airfare home from San Juan. They could not re-sell our rooms at that point and I'll bet airfare is pretty hefty from San Juan to the states. Their brochure says they can add fuel surcharge anytime they want without prior notice but just isn't good business.
  3. Thanks, let me know if we get into a lettering writing campaign.
  4. I am also willing to write to Carnival about this. Bottom line it's not going to ruin my vacation but..... I feel this is a breach of contract, we agreed on a price, paid the price and now they want to collect more money from thousands of people? Could this be grounds for a Class Action Lawsuit? Anyone heard on how they plan on collecting from all of the PVP's customers or people that book on line? I would think the cost of accounting, sending out the information, processing the payments would cost almost as much as the surcharge. If they need to make a larger profit then raise the prices of all cruises immediately for anyone that does not have a confirmation, and for crying out load don't call it a fuel surcharge because I promise you it will not come off if gas ever goes back down. Basically Carnival is saying "book with us and we will change our prices whenever we feel like it, so you will never know what the trip will cost." and we will wait until you have your airfare, hotels, and most travel arrangements made to tell you, to really limit your options. Whoever decided to impletement this needs to get their head out of their a$$ and think about the problems this is going to cause.
  5. You might be right ....do we still have hotel rooms......how do we check on them.....how early can we check into them..... I checked my reservation a couple days ago, still good to go. I think check in time is listed as 3:00
  6. Wonder who will send the dreaded Black Scarf back with the hats that need names on them?????? May I quote "Will Ye open your package from me & play the game? Or will you leave it closed forever like Davey Jones Locker? Arrr Matey what willyou do?" ROTFLMAO
  7. I get mine on Wed., I might have to take off work to wait for the big brown truck!
  8. We we play games the only rules we have are: 1. no one goes to jail 2. no one get hurt (well at least not bad enough to require a hospital visit)
  9. It could be dropped over a bathroom stall, when you least expect it! LOL
  10. Sounds like they could turn up any where on the ship!
  11. Oh this is going to be fun, and this glow party you speak of, are there bonus points for the person you has the most body parts glowing?
  12. Do you think someone will find the scarf turned into a "towel animal" Tips do wonders for the room stewards..... LOL
  13. Hello everyone, back from Daytona Beach so trying to get caught up on everything. Looks like we have some new members, welcome to all. Did I hear bucket of beer and extra towel for referal on that last cabin? Lori & Joe are friends of Martha & Ron, I just met about 2 weeks ago when we were all sitting around talking about the cruise, glad they could get on the deal. We did not make it to Ft. Lauderdale to check out the $2.00 hotel, too many bars and too little time. Did get to see the space shuttle launch on Tues., that was pretty cool.
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