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  1. ROTFLMAO!!!!! Wow! Can I get one of those bra and panty sets too???
  2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory X
  3. Leading while everyone is sleeping....
  4. Wow! Chuckie...There just are no words...beautiful...I only wish I could see it in person. Thank you!
  5. ROTFLMAOTRDMF!!!!! Y'all make me laugh so hard that I literally have tears running down my face along with the cute little pee pee dance!! Poor Lisa...so much fun and laughter at your expense... *LOL large mouse on a stick...*LOL*
  6. Alright...I'm late I know but better late than never...Happy Birthday Smoo!!!! I hope it was one to remember!!! Love Ya!!
  7. Chuckie...do you REALLY want to see my hic-up remedy??? LMAO!!!
  8. I definately ate more on the cruise than I do at home. I usually only eat once a day at home but ate three times a day on the ship!! But I have never done that diet thing....I eat what I want when I want it and deal with whatever the outcome might be when it should happen. Alright I'm ready...start sending the hate mail!! *LMAO*
  9. I too have a hic-up remedy but mine is not messy or embarrassing in any way and it works really fast....almost instantly. What you do is put you finger in your mouth and rub the soft palate in small circles for about 20 seconds...it confuses the nerve endings and the hic-ups are gone!! Works every time!
  10. Tinkerbell

    Famous people

    Yul Brynner - Ricky Martin
  11. banana split - chocolate sauce
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