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  1. Thanks for remembering me Lisa I can always count on you.
  2. Goodmorning Everyone Have been gone for a week anything exciting happen? i.e. Cabin Assignments? Hubby's brother passed away and have been tending to things. I am getting caught up on reading the boards. Hope I don't miss anything. I see everyone has been picking on my TA we won't have any more of that now. LOL
  3. Nooo, I will be buying in Ft. Lauderdale to take on ship to drink, If I drink too much the night before I might not wake up for the cruise and we can't have that.
  4. Sounds like a plan, hard to get all that stuff on the flight. Thank you!
  5. I forgot I need Diet Dew too. That is the hardest thing to find in Florida it seems.
  6. Did I not tell you that I am a "born again Christian" We don't drink , we don't swear , ... we don't rat our hair I get ill from one ciggaretttteeeee!!!!! Just kidding, not that there is anything wrong with that . Hey, how far is the hotel from the port? Cab ride? Well, it would just make me want to stay their for the convenience thing and the 2.00 of course. We are still trying to find descent flights they are all at about 500-600 for flying in the same day. Flights out on Sunday the cheap ones are at 6:00am-8:00am, we've made a 11:00 before but thats it. I am making the jello shots for sure and the wine and my Tanquray and beer, and Malibu (for the shots) have I missed anything?
  7. Speaking of the hotel is there a convenience store nearby that we could puchase beer, alcohol just in case we want to take it on the ship.
  8. If he can't handle it I am a pretty good backup myself. Short but mighty, I'm Italian what can I say.
  9. He wears a 2 X but he is pretty big, keeps me safe I am pretty short though 5'3 he is about 6'5. Thanks soo much Smoo for putting the photo up. Lord knows I would not have figured it out. Toni's hubby is just as tall and Toni is as short as I am. I will try to find a photo of the rest of us in our group and post.
  10. Ya know there are all kinds of ways to make a little money on the side, i.e. collect cans, hold a bake sale, have a garage sale, put the dog up for stud sell the puppies , go door to door saying that you are collecting money for the orphans in a foreign country, (that was tacky sorry it popped in my head), hawk the wedding ring, set up lemonade stand..... anyone else have any ideas?
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