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  1. We always get to the port by 11am and are on the ship before noon - but are Platinum. Next cruise in the US, I plan on maybe getting to the port around 10:30am and be watching a football game that starts at noon. ;-)
  2. Absolutely - 1000s (digital) And I post most of them! http://www.zydecocruiser.com/
  3. Not quite sure why we are discussing Guatemala in a Jamaica thread. You are entitled to your opinion, but I know I am among many who have had a good time and I'm sure I will return in the future. I believe I have heard talk of Carnival building or enlarging the port there.
  4. Again I have to disagree. I LOVED Guatemala. I saw no beggars or thieves and nobody murdered me and we went all over. It is a poor country but the people are very proud and friendly. There was a visible police force even in areas I doubt most tourists get to. We went to visit the falls, had a city tour, and stopped at pharmacy, a bar to pick up some beers, even stopped at a neat cemetery to check it out. Some of the workman and/or grave diggers probably thought we were a little crazy, but so what. We stopped at a local farmers market and picked up fresh smokin hot tortillas and bread. The tortillas had just been fried, I wouldn't be surprised if in pure lard, and were soooooooooo good. At no point did we encounter beggars and certainly not thieves or murderers. I wasn't on a ship tour, we didn't have an armed guard, and there was certainly no need for one. As the ship was preparing to leave, a number of locals driving up to honk their horns, serenade the ship, and many shouts of thank you was an incredibly touching moment. I invite you to check out some of my pictures (not very dial up friendly - sorry) http://www.zydecocruiser.com/ncl_sun_2006/...oTomas/st_1.htm
  5. I have no problem with other people expressing opinions and actually I invite it. Do I have compassion for the kids - of course I do. How do we know which areas are good or bad? From experience? But bad things happen even in the best neighborhoods. If you were venturing into unfamiliar territory, would you not do the slightest bit of research first? Especially when traveling to other countries you are outside the jurisdiction of the USA. At a minimum, you are subject to a different set of laws and customs. Why would you not do some research? Another excerpt from the state department website: The Department of State urges American citizens to take responsibility for their own personal security while traveling overseas. For general information about appropriate measures travelers can take to protect themselves in an overseas environment, see the Department of State’s pamphlet A Safe Trip Abroad. I think we do each have responsibility for our own safety and security, anywhere in the world. Especially these days. But I don't mean to pick on KW. This incident could have happened in many different countries including the US. It wasn't so long ago that there was an attempted bus robbery in Costa Rica - one that could have easily had a different outcome. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/travel...ws/4579218.html I wouldn't be surprised to see copycats not only in Costa Rica but in many other countries. ------ Are there drugs in Jamaica - of course there are (and Mexico and Columbia and just about all of the US trading partners). Tons of cocaine headed for the United States. Is Jamaica to blame for that or is America's addiction to drugs to blame? My opinion is the latter. We love to blame others for our problems and expect others to clean up their act, when we fail miserably at admitting and fixing the root cause. Jamaica could disappear off the face of the Earth tomorrow, and America would still be addicted to drugs. On the other hand, I think if America cured its addiction, many problems in other countries would also be improved if not eliminated. I truly believe that America needs to focus more on fixing America and less on fixing, blaming and/or destroying the rest of the world. As Walt Kelly phrased it decades ago - We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us. I think Jamaica is a beautiful country and I will return again this November. I will be sure to post lots of pictures.
  6. My family has been the victim of several crimes involving guns in the good ole USA. It is a shame how densensitized we have become to crime in America. Another day, another murder, another bank robbery, another car jack. Oh well. And then to sensationalize an isolated incident in a poor country that doesn't have a fraction of our resources. Should it have happened? No. Should a country and a population be condemned for it? No.
  7. I am familiar with the KW incident. It has been posted all over the internet. None of the victims were physically harmed, much of the loot was recovered, 50% of the "gang" was shot dead by police. Carnival suspended selling that particular excursion even though the odds of a repeat offense have been reduced by at least 50%. "According to the police, the men held up and robbed the visitors who were touring the Lethe Estate owned and operated by former tourism minister and People's National Party constituency caretaker for West Central St James, Francis Tulloch." http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/html/2...IST_ROBBERY.asp I doubt Francis and his employees will allow it to happen again. If you look at the current travel warnings from the US Department of State there is nothing in recent history about Jamaica. [url=http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html]http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html I feel safer in Jamaica than many streets in America.
  8. A slight correction - I contacted Sunset Beach - it will remain open for cruise ship passengers while they are doing whatever it is that they will be doing. The reply I received: "We will be closed for that period however, we will still be accepting cruise ship passenger and you'll have access to the beach,one restaurant,the water park,the fittness center,tennis court and the hotel bars."
  9. I've been to the Baths several times, both walking and swimming. I prefer the swimming route but both are worth doing. Last time I went with Patouche. Here are more pictures: http://www.zydecocruiser.com/patouche__extreme_machine.htm I'm not a diver, but RMS Rhone is supposed to be the dive in the area. I moght also look into diving at the Indians. I've snorkled there and thought it was great. This looks like a decent map of possible dive sites: [url=http://www.bvidiving.com/bvi_dive_sites.html]http://www.bvidiving.com/bvi_dive_sites.html
  10. One night I did the Night Tales in Old San Juan walking tour and thought it was quite good. My pictures: http://www.zydecocruiser.com/night_tales_i...n_juan_walk.htm
  11. In Barbados I did a turtle and wreck snorkel tour. Here is a short film clip of the turtles, but I'll need to look around to find pics of the rest.
  12. I haven't been to Atlantis and haven't stayed on Paradise Island since before Atlantis was built, but I wouldn't plan on being able to use any facilities, if you are not a guest.
  13. The pictures pretty much document, but here is the tour description: http://www.adventureantigua.com/tour.html#EcoTour The short version: You are picked up in a nice 52 foot power cat and taken to a number of places including Jumby Bay resort, Bird Island (hiking and lunch), and Hell's gate which you can climb up and walk across or not. There is also snorkeling. I have to rate it as one of the best shore excursions I've ever done.
  14. In Antigua I went with Eli's Eco Tour and LOVED it. More pictures: http://www.zydecocruiser.com/antigua_adventures.htm
  15. I've been to Costa Maya a number of times and never missed the port, although I know it happens. IT has also been my experience that most tour operators (anywhere), don't charge if the ship is late or misses the port altogether. In particular, I don't think David and Ivan even require a deposit (or at least didn't), so they really can't charge you anything. There are a number of excursions you can book directly on the pier, if you want to wait and see. Some of my pics: http://www.zydecocruiser.com/ncl_sun_2006/CostaMaya/cm_1.htm [url=http://www.zydecocruiser.com/valor_06/CM/cm_1.htm]http://www.zydecocruiser.com/valor_06/CM/cm_1.htm http://www.zydecocruiser.com/valor_06/post...se/chac_chi.htm [url=http://www.zydecocruiser.com/valor_06/post_cruise/tours.htm]http://www.zydecocruiser.com/valor_06/post_cruise/tours.htm [url=http://www.zydecocruiser.com/costa_maya_dec_26.htm]http://www.zydecocruiser.com/costa_maya_dec_26.htm
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