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  1. hey guys something went wrong but that is my new review on Emerald Princess. Pictures are coming as soon as possible! Chiara
  2. Princesslover


  3. Click here to view the cruise review
  4. Thanks for the replies, Don't get me wrong I rather be safe than get into mykonos haha. I never missed a port because it couldn't dock so for me it was weird but I guess it happens way more often. Chiara
  5. Hey everybody I'm currently at emerald princess how was supposed to be in Mykonos by now.. Butt.. the captain just messaged the whole ship that we ain't docking there because of the wind.. 2 days ago we were leaning to one side just a little so we wouldn't get the thing that happened to crown princess a year earlier... What's the cause of this?? Are the ships just to big that they can't handle any wind anymore.. This is my 1st cruise on the biggest ship in the princess fleet.. but they seem so unstable.. Does anyone knows why? I would love to hear your responses.. From Emerald Princess Chiara
  6. Congrats on your upcoming wedding and ofcourse your first cruise! I'm 16 and my brother is 13 but even us both go in tux and formal dresses..! So don't worry about that one! As Dan said you can give your allergies and requests to the cruise line and they'll take care of it. Even though I never sailed Cunard it seems like a fantastic cruise line and I'll hope you take the max out of it! Chiara
  7. Thanks everybody! I'm sure it will be a bless and I will keep track of every day to submit you with a review! See you in 3 weeks Chiara
  8. I'm so sorry for you.. that it had to happen on your first cruise.. I hope all of you start feeling better once more time passes. My thoughts are with you.. Chiara
  9. Tinkerbell how did you like the book? I agree with you that you should read it over and over because the plot goes so fast! Let me know! Chiara
  10. that's a good thing to do! way to go
  11. I finishedd ittt =) It's defintly awesome.. how did you find it.. did it came up to your expectations? I guess mine kinda did.. it was really different from what I thought it would be though! Let me know Chiara
  12. I have it! I'm already half way and I so want to know how it ends! Got me stayed up all night because I wouldn't want to stop readingg! Hopefully have it finished by today! Chiara
  13. wow.. it's so unreall.. Thanx for posting it Brady
  14. Despite all the wonderful state of the art food.. the pizzacorner onboard princess ships is SOOO good! Just 8 days untill my emerald princess cruise and the first thing I'm going to do is get one of those delicious slices!
  15. Really nice! I wonder something about the backstage tours. I dont know if you ever did it. But is it available for everybody to get a tour of the kitchens. I remember my grandparents doing it last year. Wonder if I can do it ? Anyone any information how to suscribe to this tours? Thank you! And thanks for the short review! Chiara
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