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  1. I know its late to reply but I'll throw in my $.02 for anyone who views this in the future. In Acapulco we did the "Birds and turtles" excursion which was a blast since we got to release baby turtles back into the ocean. We did also have time to go shopping AND see the late show of the cliff divers. The other ports aren't as "Tourist-y" as Acapulco so we just went to the beach in Ixtapa and went shopping in Manzanillo.
  2. I was talking with a Carnival rep yesterday and she advised me about the new tax and asked me what I thought about it. I actually said the line I posted earlier ("If you can't afford to run a cruise line..."). Her response was, "Well you always find a way to fill up your tank right?" "...yea." "Well that's what we're doing, finding a way to fill up our tank." Like that was supposed to make me feel better?? I fill up my tank at MY expense. She fills her tank... AT MY EXPENSE.
  3. If you can't afford to run a cruise line, then DON'T. I bought a cruise for my parents and now I have to deal with this. Where is that thread that talks about the BILLIONS of dollars that CCL made in profit last year?
  4. Id put the wedding dress on a plastic or wooden hanger as they're going to run it through the metal detector and having a metal hanger will mean they'll have to remove it. With a plastic hanger that'll mena less people handling your dress. As for the wine Im not 100% sure but on my cruise beers/cocktails were $4-$8 depending on what you drink. You're not supposed to, but I smuggled my drinks on board. Again you're not supposed to do that but I took my stuff and put it in a plastic liter soda bottle and wrapped it in a towell in my suitcase. Again you're not supposed to do that though.
  5. Make sure that you check your total both ways. I've seen instances where it only saves $50 to go in a family room. Yes the 3rd, 4th and 5th are paying less but sometimes the family cabin is MORE expensive so the 1st and 2nd pays more. I've known people who think its actually worth it to have 2 rooms just to make it more comfortable for the people in the room. 5 in a room can be a lot especially with only 1 bathroom and considering it may be on par to get 2 cabins. Just make sure to check out all your options. HTH
  6. Congrats! Is this your 1st one?
  7. We released hatchlings on an excursion from Acapulco which was great. NCL doing this directly from the ship is a neat thing too. Wonder if they'll let the passengers interact with the turtles.
  8. Thats what you get for booking a GUAR cabin.
  9. What are you talking about? They got a FREE CRUISE out of it! Thats a pretty nice consolation prize if you ask me.
  10. This may stupind but BREAKFAST!!! Custom omelets FTW!! And Im a meat & potato guy as well. Most of the decorative stuff on the fancy plates get a firm push to the side.
  11. So far everything I see for the Spirit looks normal, but then again so far the furthest I can look out is April of 09. Maybe the repositioning will be after the 19 Alaskan season. It is doing 2 12 day Hawiaan repostitioning cruises an 4/19. The other interesting thing I noticed is that it is doing a 9<] night sailing on Oct 18th of 08 which is it's normal trip with the inclusion of Puerto Vallarta.
  12. WooT!! Welcome Galaxy Silv... I mean, I thanks for the warm welcome!! I've only been on 1 cruise but I have a pretty good range of knowledge about cruising and hope that I can help contribute to the group. Here's to seeing y'all onboard someday!
  13. I think the main concern is to get everybody on and off the ship as quick as possible and get the thing cleaned. Seeing as I smuggled a few bottles of booze on board my cruise and 5 cartons of cigaretts when I was only allowed to declare 2 when I was getting off, I figured it wasn't exactly fort knox.
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