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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Loved St Thomas
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    San Juan, St Thomas, Tortola
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    I love shopping...haha. I love crafts shows, flea markets, new places to go and shop. I am also an avid reader. Of course my more expensive hobby is to cruise!!
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    All kinds...opened-minded, but I tend to steer away from RAP.....
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    Wow...can't tell u the last movie I went to see. Not a big one to go out to see movies. Usually catch them when they come out on DVD. Last one I saw on DVD was Twilight
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    I do not watch much TV, but I do like some reality shows: Amazing Race, Americal Idol and Big Brother. I love HGTV too!
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    I live in an all-male household (even the animals are male) so I am subject to all sports!! Love baseball and footblall the most, I think.
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    Italian, Seafood, good grilled steak
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    Dog and chinchilla
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    Lots of good authors out there: Mary Higgins Clark, Dean Koonz, John Grishom
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    "It is what it is...."
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    Certified Addictions Counselor
  1. Thanks all....I am excited too and it is terrible, because now that I have had the "suite" life, I don't wanna go back...hahahaha! I LOVE concierge services and the special perks that come with this ie: free pressing for formal nights/ daily treats in the room/ the special seating on the pool deck comes in handy too.... After this one, told my hubby we can "downsize" to a grand suite....lol
  2. We have been to Puerto Rico a couple of times. We love to go to Senor Frogs....it's a hoppin' place and it is literally right across from where the ship docks!! We have toured Old San Juan on our own and that was interesting......thinking I might want to do something else this time and catch Senor Frogs before boarding since we will be there til 10 or 11pm.....any suggestions?
  3. I will be going to St Maarten as one of our ports of call and am interested in what "Rhino riding" is? Sounds interesting....lol.
  4. It looks like this change will benefit me, as we tend to take longer cruises and stay in suites. You get double points when you stay in a suite!! Not sure if this includes Jr Suites or not....so did a 9-day last year and doing an 11-day next year= 40 points right there....
  5. It will be interesting to see what they come out with next!!
  6. I have planned my cruises around leaving out of a port that we could drive to (NYC/ Bayonne, NJ), just because I thought it would be easier not to have to rely on flying there. That 50 lb. weight limit is TOUGH, especially for the longer cruises (our next one is 11 days) LoL...yes, I am an overpacker...hahaha. THis also allows it to be more affordable to do the longer ones, too. I also look at the itinerary because we like to go to new places....don't mind repeat visits of some places, but always like that we will be visiting some new places too.
  7. Yes Marylou, we r somewhat neighbors...lol. It is GREAT having not one, but two ports within 1.5 hours away :thumbup: and thanks for the welcome back.....
  8. Thanks for the welcome back.....and I am sure I will be posting quite a bit on here....seems to be all part of the whole "book a cruise" protocol....LOL
  9. Thanks for the welcome back....nice to see all of u again......
  10. The Poconos are busier than ever due to the casino and water parks!! Thanks for the welcome back and I am soooo looking forward to our cruise
  11. Thanks Rose...:) I would love to go on the New England/ Canada cruise, but will have to pass for this time due to the expense of our cruise 6 months after....Question: Do u need a passport for this cruise due to going to Canada? How does that work?
  12. Hi All.... It's been awhile since I have been on the boards...however started to plan my next cruise and found my way back! I booked an 11-day Caribbean cruise for March 2012 on the Explorer of the Seas out of Cape Liberty. We did the 9-day one last year and can't wait for the 11-day one.... We have booked the Royal Family Suite again~~LOVED the perks and concierge service!! Glad to see some of the same folks on here and looking forward to the boards again~~ Lynn Poconos, PA
  13. When we were on our last cruise on the Explorer of the Seas, we saw people turned away on formal night due to not having the proper attire for formal night and they were given the paper with examples of what was "required". They were in jeans and t-shirts. I think there is something to be said about formal night being formal/ semi-formal. When I booked our cruise we had 2 formal nights and I told my teens that I would like us to eat at least one formal meal together.....well, every night they ate in the MDR with us, wearing collared shirts/ slacks and on formal nights, suits. They loved it and it teaches them manners and what it is all about to get dressed up, take pride in urself, and enjoy a nice meal!! They are looking forward to going again and are already talking about the fact that they need some more dress shirts since we will be having 3 formal nights next cruise....
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