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  1. I agree lets do it lol!!

  2. Does anyone miss the ocean? I know I sure do. My husband and I hope to cruise again in 2011!!

  3. Hey Amanda just logged on to site :-) Makes me miss cruising so much!

  4. Bon Voyage!!! Hope you have a wonderful cruise.
  5. Hey James, our cruise does happen to be out of New York but we won't be leaving until July. Although that would have been pretty cool if we were. And it is a wonderful feeling! It gives us something to look forward to. You will have to let me know how your cruise goes when you get back! Thanks Angie Hello Cruistarp, Well as you said it I am already totally hooked. I completely blame Amanda! We will be sailing on the Caribbean Princess again so we will know our way around. I would love to add the trip to the calender but I am honestly not sure how to do it. If someone could explain how to I would be very grateful. Talk to you all later
  6. I am the same way with my husband. I love coffee and he loves tea.
  7. I am so excited I wanted to tell everyone. Nate and I just booked our next cruise! This will be our second cruise and we cannot wait to go. It looks like we will be heading back to the Caribbean for a 9 day cruise. I think I figured out how to use the ticker so I set one up for this cruise. Talk you all later AngieAnn
  8. Thank you all for such a warm and wonderful welcome! I am still pretty new to the whole forum stuff but I think I am catching on. Amanda I checked out your pictures and they turned out great! Talk to you all soon Angie
  9. Congratulations!!! I hope you enjoy every moment of your cruise!
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  11. AngieAnn

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  12. Title<] :: July 8, 2007-July 22, 2007 Author<] :: AngieAnn Category<] :: Caribbean Princess Information<] :: [*]This cruise was our honeymoon and our very first cruise ever and it was amazing! We loved 15 days in the Eastern and Western Caribbean! Description<] :: Western Caribbean My husband Nate and I left at midnight directly after our reception and we were dead on our feet. When we arrived on the boat we pretty much passed out the first evening since we had gotten married, gone through the reception, packed, flown, borded the ship, and had been up for 38 hours. Once we got a chance to look around we were in awe. This boat is huge and absolutley wonderful! Our trip began with Princess Cays. That was a great day of winding down from all the excitement and stress of the wedding. We had a nice peaceful day at the beach. Anyone who loves a good beach would love it here. We then had a day at sea where we proceeding to learn as much as we could about the boat and found the greatest (in our opinion) spot to hang out and relax on the deck. The back of the ship on decks 16-17 had an awsome view and had this peaceful air about it. This is where we spent alot of time when we were at sea. Wed July 11th was a funfilled trip to Ocho Rios where we got our first experiences with the tours. We got to explore the caves where escaped slaves hid and climbed the beautiful Dunn's River Falls which was one of my personal favorites. On the downside of Jamaica it was a bit startling to have people walk up and grab you to get your attention or your wallet not sure which. They kinda freaked me out a bit having never really experienced such pushy vendors. Thursday July 12th we got to see Grand Cayman. My husband and I went to Hell and the turtle farm. He keeps telling people we got married and within a week we had gone to Hell and back. I find this highly amusing! The semi-sub was also a wonderful first time experience. From there we immediatly arrived at Cozumel on Friday. We never did see the island because we went inland to see Tulum which was an all day excursion but worth it. The Mayan ruins were amazing and the tour guide we had seemed to know his history very well (that or he was a really good storyteller). Either way it was all so interesting if you like historical tours. On the 14th we had a restful day at sea where we enjoyed wonderful shows which we did every night. Joshua Seth the hypnotist and the comedian Philadelphia were amazing and I highly recommend them. We also met wonderful people that first week. A couple named Ray and Sue sat next to us every evening for our set meal time in the Palm dining room. Unfortunately they only had the week cruise and we had to say goodbye. The second week was just as amazing as the first week if not better due to the fact we met a couple who helped make the week so much better! We ported in Ft. Luaderdale on Sunday and arrived Saturday at the Princess Cays again for another relaxing beach day. One nice thing about the cruise was that we got to keep the same room, room stewards, and the waiters for our nightly dining. There we met Amanda and Mike who also had the same dining options for the week. We began talking and discovered that they were from IL also. We began to hang out every night and see the shows that were available together. Nate and I also went to watch Mike in the survivor series that went on onboard which was really enjoyable to watch. On Tuesday July 17th we enjoyed yet another day relaxing at sea. July 18th was St. Thomas which was awsome. We did a helmet dive which was so much fun. There were so many tours to choose from but this one was enjoyable and a new experience. We also got to explore Coral World while we were there which was very enjoyable. July 18 was St. Maarten. Nate and I attempted a beginner class of scuba diving which he passed and I did not. It was worth a try but with the rough waves due to not so great weather I struggled a bit more. I have not given up though. We are going to get certified here at home and try again next year. We then had two days at sea which was nice to give us time to wind down from all the excitement before returning home. The weather was not great this second week compared to the first one, but the second week was more special because we made friends who we will be able to keep in contact with. We enjoyed hanging out with Mike and Amanda and were grateful they had the same flight as us. The wait for our flight was so incredibly long and we would have gone stir crazy if it wasn't for them. I do think the people sitting inbetween us on the plane thought we were all crazy. Oh well thats what makes life fun though! Overall this is one of the best vactaions Nate and I have ever been on and we hope to make a tradition of cruising from now on. There is SO much more that could have been added, but time and space make including everything impossible. Needless to say we had no desire to get off the boat and return to the "real" world. (Can we do this ride again?) View Review
  13. Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome! I look forward to fully exploring this place and meeting everyone! Thank you Amanda for helping me get everything started! Angie
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