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  1. That was back in March. It's a wonder there weren't more injuries. Passengers and the Coast Guard said the crew was astonishingly good at making sure no one else was killed or injured. Fire on board is always the biggest danger.
  2. There was quite a lively discussion about this photo on another cruise website - on their Carnival board. This board has several Carnival crew members who kick around a few things occasionally. One of them said it was real and had other pictures of the same incident taken at the same time during the same storm.... Who knows. I know I'd love to have been on board. I love it when the weather reminds that you are at sea......
  3. My list is very short..... 1. My last cruise ship 2. My next cruise ship
  4. Well, we all saw that coming, didn't we?
  5. Have been down the Rhine several times and loved every minute of it. It is awesome...and you travel with people from all over the world. It's a good learning experience. One of the highlights of my cruising life was a trip on the Rhine during Rhein en Flammen. It was gorgeous. Fireworks and light displays all down the river and a stop at Remagen for the the street festival. Also, twice on the beautiful Mozart on the Danube to Budapest. There is nothing as beautiful as approaching Budapest from the water. Awesome! It is a totally different experience - more intimate - more informative - more elegant.
  6. If it's a place I'm familiar with, I will walk around, have lunch at a fave restaurant, maybe buy a coupla small paintings (those are my souveniers- and gifts).. If the island has a good, quite beach - I'll hop a taxi and head there for a coupla hours. If I walk out on my balcony and the day is full of sun and heat, I might decide to loaf around the quiet ship while everyone else is gone. I love port days when I stay on board!!! If it's a place I've never been before, I'll prebook an excursion with a local vendor (or hop a taxi) that would include an island tour, maybe a stop at a beach or for lunch. If there is something "special" to see or do, I'll see it or do it. But, I don't wear myself out....I'm on vacation and the ship is calling me back.....I love a balcony!
  7. I wait until arrival at the airport near the port. Have had too many experiences where those flimsy baggage tags get torn off or destroyed during the baggage handling process. Plus, with all of the "lost baggage" problems with many carriers today, I want to make their job as simple as possible by not giving them another thing to look at before they send if off to the wrong place. HA!
  8. Well, I voted "no" too fast. Back in the 90's, was able to visit 2 ships at the Port of Miami using my business card. And, on many River Cruises in Europe, there are places where the boats have to tie up next to each other and do a "walk-through" to ge to the pier. You were welcome to wander around the public areas, have a drink at the bar. WAY back in the dark ages (1970's-80's), you could usually make arrangements to visit a ship by calling the company ahead of time. Many times, they would give you a "visitor's Pass"....similar to the ones they used to give your family who would come aboard and see you off......
  9. I do pretty much the same things I do when the sun is shining. Sleep late, room service coffee, read a little on the balcony. Then have breakfast somewhere. Have a Bloody Mary - find a quiet place to watch the sea and read. Maybe play a little Trivia, drop a dime or two at the casino. Take a nice nap. Sit on the Promenade deck and people-watch. Read. Take pictures. I stopped "sun bathing" about 10 years ago when my "summer freckles" didn't go away So, I might find a quiet lounge chair and sit out for 1/2 hour or so - but that's about it for shipboard water fun.....for me anyway. I save my sunning for the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean.
  10. In the past, many cruises were those over which I had very little, if any control. But, for the past 10 years or so, I ALWAYS shop the right side of the menu. I cruise solo - by choice - (except once a year when I take my grandson along)...as you know, solo cruisers pay through the nose.. Then, of course, I gotta have a balcony! Cabin choice was never an issue with me. I just bought the cheapest cabin - didn't give a hoot. Then, about 8 years ago, I was upgraded to a balcony cabin....and that was that. So, cruising solo in a balcony cabin - I look for the best price. I don't care where the ship is going. Don't care if I've been there once or 50 times. Don't care if I've been on the ship a dozen times....I look for the very best price. And, Carnival has always beat everyone else's price so I am a Carnivore.... It works out well; I have been sailing their ships since the Mardi Gras, Carnivale and Festivale days and loved them all. I just want to be on a ship - on a sea somewhere - moving along - at the best rate I can find.
  11. Believe it or not, back in the day before the huge floating behemoths of today, EVERYONE had their picture taken with him as they entered the Captain's Welcome Aboard party. Usually the picture was snapped as you shook hands in line. Not only that, but the Captain used to "eat" in the dining room several times during the week. Even if he didn't actually have dinner, he would sit at the table with invited passengers and usually the physician or another officer and chat while enjoying coffee and dessert. On many cruises, Bridge officers would join different tables in the dining room and eat with the passengers. It wasn't unusual to find them in the clubs and lounges in the evening dancing with the folks and sitting at the tables. And - before you think I'm THAT old, this was back in the late 1970's and early 80's.
  12. Honestly, I just don't get it....maybe I'm missing something..... I all the years I have been cruising, I have never needed anything like duct tape except once. That was last year on Carnival's Miracle. I had my grandson and one of his friends with me. The friend blew a zipper on his overstuffed suitcase..... I went to the pursers desk and they loaned me a HUGE roll of it. They just asked that I return what I didn't use. HA! Fortunately, only needed about 6 feet or so to wrap that sucker up real good. I am a really, really light packer and just don't take anything I absolutely don't need. Only one other time did I wish I had something that I didn't have.....it was a hair dryer in Europe...so I ran to the bargain store, bought one for under 10.00 and gave it to the maid when I left. Maybe the duct tape but about that bungee cord...............................
  13. Whoo! Grab a cold Red Stripe beer and something fried! Hopefully seafood. Try a local specialty! Fresh fruit on-the-beach.... I travel light and don't want to haul around a cooler. I can barely tolerate my room key and camera! HA!
  14. On the other hand there are times when the Cruise Lines should offer so type of compensation and the don't. If you read the fine print they can do just about anything they please and don't always do the right thing. Cruise companies are just like every other business. When something happens beyond their control, they really are under no obligation to compensate anyone for anything. Depending upon the circumstances, they may give an on board credit or a discount on the next cruise but they don't have to legally. It's like the airlines..when they have a delayed or cancelled flight through no fault of their own, they don't compensate you. They may refund your ticket, or waive the cancellation fee if you haven't commenced travel yet. But, if you are stuck in Atlanta between flights...you are on your own. It has been my experience that cruise lines are not in the business of making their customers unhappy. When something untoward happens, through no fault of their own, it effects them too. They don't plan hurricanes that close ports. They don't drop a port of call just to make people mad. They don't close the slide on the main pool to be mean. It is disappointing when a decision has to be made by a cruiseline that affects the itinerary and ports. What the traveler should do is go and have a great time. A bad day on a ship is better than a good day at work, dontcha know. It is very important to carefully read the terms and conditions and the contract on any travel documents you recieve. It outlines their responsibility to you - and yours to them. As any lawyer can tell you; short of negligence, the entire contract is included within and upon that piece of paper. There are no "side deals".
  15. Hi, everyone.... New to this website.... Sorry for the tiny print but I haven't yet found out how to increase the size.... I see how you select what you want but can't find how to save it....I will though.. My first cruise was on the M/S Southward - one of NCL's first ships. It was 1976 and I was hooked from that day to this.
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